Happy Mother's Day!!!

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Happy Mother's Day!!!

Happy Mother's Day ladies!! I hope are you all feeling loved and getting spoiled all day today.

Any special plans/events happening today?

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Happy Mother's Day to everyone!!!

So far I got to sleep in until 8:30 (lol is that sleeping in?!) and then I had to break up a fight between my girls. Then Des decided he needed to give me a poop present (lol!) and I almost possibly burned the house down LOL! That wasn't my fault though. One of our lights started acting up and is pops every time it's turned on, and this last time it sent a bunch of sparks to the ceiling so I guess it's time to call maintenance.

However DH is taking us out to either lunch or dinner (I think I'm leaning towards lunch...less crowded) to wherever I want. I think maybe Chinese!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day! I feel so blessed to have my wonderful family!

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Happy Mother's Day to all of you too! Smile We had baby dedication at church today, and the girls' grandma came to visit, especially since we had them dedicated too. We were going to go with a friend to a fountain park, since it's mid-80s weather here, but my oldest DD had to go to urgent care since she has double pink eye AND an ear infection. While we were at urgent care, there was a fatal accident right next to the church, which is a block from the urgent care. Kind of an unfortunately eventful day so far... We're missing out on the park and dinner with a friend in honor of mother's day, but I'd rather not pass the pink eye to everyone else.

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Happy Mothers Day!

DH watched Cammi while I went to work in the nursery at church (it was his first time alone with her). Then when I got home he had fixed breakfast. I went to give Cammi a kiss and there was a card beside her. It said Happy First Mothers Day and had a very sweet note from Daddy and Cammi. I also got a "free pass" to go get a pedicure while Daddy babysits! And I also got a nice nap in earlier, so that is always enjoyable. Smile

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We had an awesome, but busy day! My daughter turns five this week, so we had her birthday today since next weekend is the long weekend, so everyone already has plans. I can't beleive it, I can't beleive she is 5!!! Time has gone way to fast, but she is such an amazing little girl. I was getting all the food ready (including the cake since I found out last night that I was out of brown sugar after the grocery store had closed!!) and she unloaded the dishwasher and loaded it up again. She put all the dishes on the bottom shelf since she can't reach any higher, but it is so great that she is able and willing to help! The birthday party was at the local nature sanctuary, and she had chosen an insect theme, so all the kids got to hold walking sticks and praying mantises and damselflies... It was super cool.

Then we came home and had a bbq for our family, my brother's family and close friends... so... 7 adults and 8 little ones (the oldest being 5!!) Absolutely delicious food!!! And now I'm taking a break from the washing up!

After everyone left, it was still warm enough for my family to go for a nice walk around the neighbourhood. It was a really great mothers day and I enjoy everyday I get to spend with my four little ones and my amazing husband. So happy tonight...

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!


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belated happy mothers day
so ds1 fell asleep early on Sat night and was up super early Sun but then after an hour or so playing in our bed dh got up and took him downstairs and Adam and I slept for another 2hrs Biggrin We went out for breakfast and relaxed