Happy New Year!!

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Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to all of you! What kind of New Year's traditions do you do/participate in? Do you eat black-eyed peas, etc.? How are you feeling today? Do you view the new year as a new and fresh start or is it just another day to you?

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Happy New Year

We had pizza last night and had a few friends over. First New Years where I haven't had anything to drink, not that I get drunk but normally something.
Hmm resolutions...well I guess it won't be starting a new exercise regime like last year Smile Contiuing my yoga is my only exercise goal. Beyond that I'm trying to get a bit more set financially so my goal is to not spend anything on my debit (take a small amount for just incase). I don't really need to use my debit but I do (usually clothes etc for ds) so hopefully it won't be hard. I want to see how much I can save. Hoping to have my credit card paid off within a few months of baby and then saving for house repairs (I WANT MY DISHWASHER!!!! hahaha)

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Happy new year!!!

Last night we just had some grilled cheese sandwiches and soup (just DH and me). Then because we had gotten home after driving all night, I was asleep by about 9:45. Sad. DH played video games to stay awake because I said I wanted to stay up til midnight ha ha. I woke up at 12:03, told him happy new years, kissed him, and went up to bed lol.

This year I wanna work on DD2 talking and letting us know exactly what she wants more. DH has been working with her when she needs her diaper changed to tell us if she's stinky with "poo poo" or just "pee pee". She actually just came up to me babbling, then saying "I stinky...poo poo." So I think we're off to a good start!

I also just want to take time and enjoy everything. I've been so stressed about stupid things lately and hormonal lol.

I need to unpack my suitcase still. Then make a list of what dinner will be this month on my calendar. I'm still tired from my trip ha ha.

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We feel asleep before 10 last night while watching the Twilight Zone marathon. Woke up at 12 to fireworks being shot over the farm next to us. Kissed DH and then went to bed.

More just another day for us here. We don't have any traditions to welcome the new year at our house.

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My biggest NYE tradition is having a glass of Martinelli's sparkling cider. As is usual for New Year's Day, we took down all the Christmas decorations today, and we're getting the living room back into the normal formation. We also wait until NY Day to find official homes for all the Christmas presents that might still be hiding in corners of the living room. Other than that, it's also just a lazy day to stay home for the most part. Smile

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I'm used to throwing a big party for new years, this year however only one of my bro's and his GF made it so it was a small gathering with WAY TOO MUCH FOOD!

I had about 2oz of sparkling wine at midnight and it was DELICIOUS LOL!

Today my other brother came up and we ate like pigs again. I am so full and there is still enough food in the fridge we could have 15 more people over to eat LOL Guess it's leftovers all week!

Hope everyone had a wonderful New YEAR!

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Just another day for our household. We let our LO try to stay up a bit with us, but he conked out at 9pm. Valiant effort!

We stayed up by playing video games. I promptly crashed at 1:33am. I couldn't hang anymore.

Was a great weekend relaxing with the family and recuperating with lots of napping!