Harper Danielle arrived 4.5.12

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Harper Danielle arrived 4.5.12


I am in love! Harper was born last Thursday, April 5th at 1:45 pm.

More about her birth story soon.

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Beautiful little chunky girl! Congrats! I'll be excited to hear her stats and all about her birth when you get a chance.

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awwwwwww love the cheeks!!!!

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She is beautiful! Congrats.

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Congrats! WTTW, Harper!

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Yahoooo!! Can't wait to hear the story! Congrats!!

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Congrats on your beautiful girl! Can't wait to hear all about it!!!

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congrats! she's beautiful. i hope your section went well.

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Yayyyyy mama!! and WTTW LO Biggrin

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Congrats and WTTW Harper!

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So cute! Congrats!

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adorable Smile Congrats

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Congratulations! Welcome, Harper!