This has been three long nights....

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This has been three long nights....

Heidi has been up it seems like ALL night the last couple nights. She is still super happy during the day and not sleeping any more than normal, but she just isn't sleeping at night. Is anyone else's little one having a change in sleeping at this age?? I don't know if it is a growth spurt, teething, or just excitement at her new ability to roll onto her side? She just screams when I lay her down, but is fine during the day during naps... she will only sleep if I am sitting up and she is resting on my chest... I'm soooo tired.... Hopefully what ever is going on sorts itself out soon.. I really miss my all night sleeper.


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Ugh yes! We went thru this last week. First we thought it was because of the heat rash so we dressed her cooler at night..that worked for maybe a night..then a couple of nights in a row I had to sleep with her on my chest. Then it was suggested maybe she was too cold so just for giggles I put her back in what she originally was wearing to bed and miraculously it worked.

Moral of the story..still dont know why she was like that!

I'm sorry, I hope something works soon!

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Desmond has been thinking off and on that 330-5 is party time. Lol. I finally break down and put him in his swing and he finally calms down and goes back to sleep.

Hope she starts sleeping again soon.