Hate To Ask, But...Constipation

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Hate To Ask, But...Constipation

Can anyone tell me how the have helped, ummm, move things along (so to speak)? My doctor said to increase fiber and fluids and I have done plenty of that. Also read that Colace, Metamucil or Citracel is approved by my doctor. Any experts in this area?

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Nope but I'm right there with you! If anyone finds something that works PLEASE let me know!

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I've had the opposite problem =[ Hope you ladies feel better and find something that works! Have you tried good old prunes?

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LOTS of fresh fruit usually helps me out... that, and the occasional cup of coffee

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"mommyof1.5" wrote:

LOTS of fresh fruit usually helps me out... that, and the occasional cup of coffee

I think that's half my problem...I quit coffee and I think that's had an effect on things.

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Look into trying a probiotic. Not the kind that are in yogurt but an actual probiotic itself. They work wonderfully for some people.

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I don't know why but for me it worked....I would eat oatmeal every morning for breakfast...it seemed to help things along AND made me feel fuller longer AND helped with nausea......I normally HATE oatmeal, but I swear I ate it just about every day I was pg with DD. It was instant oatmeal, cinnamon roll flavor

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I was having real bad constipation pains and the doctor prescribed me miraLAX. I am to take one "heaping" teaspoon every day. Basically just mix it in with a drink. It did help, but that killed my stomach too!!!

If the constipation gets really bad I take it, but other than that I try to have a healthy diet and drink plenty of fluids. I've been eating a lot of fruits, like apples and grapes.

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I would suggest fruit (like peaches or pears) and a cup of coffee 1st thing in the morning. That really should make things move along without causing an (pardon the expression) explosive reaction lol

I hope you start to feel better soon!

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Same problem here!! I just got done eating half an apple......I hope it helps! I also eat the fiber one bars and grapes. I am hoping between those things, it will help. I went to the bathroom a while ago and lets just say it was a painful and bloody experience. Sad (TMI, I know, sorry!!)

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my doctor explained that cold drinks tend to stop up the system, warm drinks help to make things smoother. Which is a good reason why coffee works for many people.

Try a cup of warm milk, or tea or something.

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The most unimpressive bathroom trip this morning. PATHETIC

I have had hot tea, fiber one bars, bran, fruit, veggies and now I have been putting benefiber in my drinks. Things need to move, it makes my tummy hurt!

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I have taken Colace 100mg every single day since I found out I was pregnant due to major constipation. If I have to take my prn Zofran I take 200mg or 300mg that day since Zofran is soooo constipating. Hope you get some relief! :bumshakin:

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If you also have heartburn, you can try Mylanta. I get bad heartburn when I'm pg and the Mylanta was originally to help with that, but it also gives me diarrhea.

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Jen, is the Colace really strong? I have the green light for glycerin suppositories. I may need to start there and then break the same regimen in for Colace. I am also on Zofran and I knew that would be a side effect. I would prefer this over how I was feeling before Zofran was prescribed.

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I have had to opposite problem. I hope you find some relief soon.

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Sorry, but i just wanted to point out that those Kashi granola bars are amazing for getting things moving. Just eat one or two and you'll see results in no time.

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Thanks everyone. I found some relief this weekend. I am just hoping that eating the fiber equivalent of a wicker chair isn't going to be necessary going forward :grin: