Have not been around much!!

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Have not been around much!!

Sorry I have not been around much. Things are a bit crazy. I have 2 days worth of meetings, mom's birthday,sister's babies dedication, grandparents visiting, I am trying todo some consulting on the side, DS has croup and I am exhausted. I hope things calm down after the weekend and I can be around more. I miss too much if I do not check in often enough.

On a positive note, I am 12 wks, only 32 too go. I have also started too tell people because I just can not hide it anymore.

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You really are busy... .and even better news... only 28 weeks to go!! Well... unless you need the extra 4 to get everything ready and completed in time!


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I guess I can't subtract anymore either. I will blame pregnancy brain.

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pregnancy brain, for the win! I really hope things slow down for you, so you get some relaxation time!

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Ha, when I read this I was like, oh dear, I hope she doesn't go to 44 weeks!

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Pregnancy brain has kicked in for me too. Maybe it's a 12 week thing? Wink

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Congrats on making it to 12 weeks!!