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Since last week, almost every day, I've been getting these full, head-splitting headaches. I have ended up having to take two Tylenol, which I hate to do. This one I have right now is so bad that it hurts down my neck and everytime I move my head, the back of my head throbs. I dont see my Dr. until the 29th, should I let him know before then? I dont know the protocol on headaches and needing to get them checked out.

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I think you should call and tell them. It can be many things not related to pregnancy, but it can also be related to your blood pressure. KUP!

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I'd call to see if you should get it checked out as, like said before, it could be a sign of other things but could also be nothing.
I get them daily when I don't eat enough protein so I make sure to get a little at every meal. With DS2 I got them every time there was a big change in barometric pressure and it was about to rain. Random odd things. Hope you are able to kick those headaches soon.

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If they are really persistent I would call. It's better safe than sorry.

I know I get lightheaded, dizzy, and sometimes crampy if I don't get enough fluids or good food (lol not the junk food baby craves!) DH and I have been pretty good about keeping plenty of fruits and granola bars in the house for me. I also have been drinking cranberry juice and water a lot lately (and okay, sweet tea but shh lol).

Headaches can happen for all sorts of reasons. When I was around 15 weeks all the dr told me was they could give me Tylenol. I rarely get headaches anymore (shew!) and when I do they're not too bad. But when I was getting them frequently I didn't like taking a lot of medicine either. When I was real sick I hated taking medicine too even though they said it was safe. I don't blame you for not wanting to constantly take Tylenol. I wouldn't either.

Hope you feel better soon.

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I agree that checking possible drastic change in BP is very important. I've had massive headaches, and my doc said it is acceptable to take excedrin as needed (although sparingly) during the second trimester. Of course, I wouldn't do anything without asking your doc, but in extreme cases, it may be helpful to ask.

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If it's at all unusual for you, I would get it checked out ASAP. For me headaches are very routine and I've had them on a very regular basis my whole life. I get headaches about 3 or 4 times a week and I get 3 or 4 severe migraines every year. So for me, what you are describing wouldn't be unusual. But if you don't normally get headaches or especially headaches of this type, then I would think it could be cause for concern. It could also be nothing more than hormomes due to the pregnancy, but at least give your OB/MW a call.