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healthy check-in

sorry ladies haven't been on

how's everyone doing?

dh has been sick and Adam has been gassy and mil is away so it's been hard to get out and leave both kids at home so my running is lacking ugh....walking a lot though so that's good but with my inability to stop eating junk my weight hasn't changed grr I know all my fault just can't switch my brain.

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Lol I had Subway last night, does that count? Lol.

I've been craving chips lately. I think partly because we almost never have chips so I've been eating them when we do.

Thursday DH and I worked out together and the next two days my legs were so sore lol. And since Sunday I've been getting our garage sale stuff together (holy crap there's a lot too!!!) So if pricing stuff, bending, and lifting some boxes counts as exercise, I'm doing it!!!

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This morning I did wk 6 run 2. It felt good but tiring, even at 6am it was humid out. Next up is Run 3 which means 25 mins straight. Then after that wk 7, 8 & 9. So 25, 28 & 30 mins straight. 3 weeks to go and then I am done this program and just need to keep it up. Eating is definately my down fall as well, I eat soo much junk, if I could just cut that out I am sure I would lose 5-10 lbs.