Heidi is off to the races!!!!

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Heidi is off to the races!!!!

She is on the move! Watch out turtles and snails, it is going to be a close race! She is bum scooting, so not a fast way to go, at least for now. She puts her hands out and pulls herself forward. Just today she started putting one foot out to the side, so she is pushing with that foot too and pivoting. It is hilarious to watch her get under a kitchen chair, and then end up stuck because she can't back out! She almost lies down on her one foot, so it makes her body not slide as smoothly. I'm sure in a week, we will have all the baby gates up and a real menace on our hands!

Thinking I'm crazy to be looking forward to it!


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That's awesome! Go Heidi!

I think we waited 2 weeks after Desmond was crawling to put gates up because he's gotten faster lol. He enjoys grabbing the gates and pulling up and laughing as he shakes them ha ha.

Soon she's gonna be making you chase her! Lol it's exciting though! And she will learn to "torture" the others Smile

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late replying here but yay wtg Heidi hope you have that on video Smile

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Go Heidi and Desmond!

No crawling here yet, but Bree can pull herself up to standing. The poor little girl wants to skip crawling and start running, but can't figure out how!