Heidi is pulling herself up!

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Heidi is pulling herself up!

Heidi can now pull herself up to standing! It has to be at a convenient place, like the front of the couch, or the edge of the bathtub, but I've caught her standing a few times. What is really funny, is that she doesn't seem to think it is exciting, but just a means to get what she wants. When my older daughter started standing, she would beam with pride, but Heidi just stands up and keeps trying to reach whatever it is she is going for, and doesn't even seem to notice what she has done. She is just soo focussed on everything she can grab. Another funny thing, she doesn't seem very interested in putting toys in her mouth. She often picks something up, and just looks at it, moves it around, turns her wrist, and really examines it. Today she played with a bunch of crayons one of the other kids left on the floor for about 10 minutes, and none went in her mouth. I finally stopped her and put away the crayons because I had to get other things done and couldn't watch her play, but it just seems so different not to be always telling her to not put things in her mouth, or to be constantly washing all the toys that have been in her mouth.


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Crazy!! That is awesome. It is funny how different siblings can be. I am avoiding putting Emma on her stomach so that she will not crawl while the Christmas tree is up. She can start to crawl after Christmas.

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that's so exciting! It's kind of sad how fast they're growing though Sad

Sooner than you know it, she's going to be walking. Eek!

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yay Heidi,
well I guess at least it's good that she's not putting things in her mouth, esp with older ones around. I could only hope Adam is the same but I doubt it.

hahaha Nicole that's funny about not doing tummy time.

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Yay Heidi!