Heidi's 4 month appointment

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Heidi's 4 month appointment

Heidi also had her 4 month appointment... and she is right at the 50th percentile!! She is 14 and a 1/2 lbs and 63cm. She is the same height as my first daughter, but 2 lbs lighter. She seems chubby to me which really makes me wish I could put both of them side by side at this age. It would be interesting to be able to watch them side by side and see the similarities and differences. (Guess that is how it works for twins!!)


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I think the same thing about putting mine side by side. I took a pic of DD every month for the first year and am doing the same for Kole so I can put the pics side by side. I'm glad she had a good appointment. She sounds just perfect!!

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Since my first daughter I have done monthly pictures (I still need to make the frames lol) all the way up until their 1st bday. I can sort of compare them that way.

But yay for a good appt! I'm glad Heidi is growing good Smile

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Glad she had a good Appt! Ive done the same with my son took pics! I think he was shorter and chubbier yet she weighed more than him at birth lol