Heidi's 6 month check up

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Heidi's 6 month check up

So, Heidi had her 6 month appointment today... not much to report, she is sitting, rolling when she is in the mood, but only one role at a time, but happy and so curious!!

Heidi is only 15lbs 14oz which means she has fallen even further down the percentiles... She started at 50% and has been slowly dropping and is now 35 percentile. I'm not worried because she is so alert, curious and busy, busy, busy.. but I have to go back for a weight check in a month. This is so different that my first daughter who was in the 85 percentile at this age!!

Oh well, I'm sure she is fine and just following her own growth pattern, but I'm glad the doctor is going to keep a bit of a closer eye on her just in case.