Hello ladies!

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Hello ladies!

So i took a test last week and got a big fat Neg. Took on last night and its sooooo dark

i do have an appt tomm with my Ob to get blood work done. I also have PCOS and havent seen af since April. My last pregnancy i didnt find out till i was 20 weeks. So im hoping it not like last time(well maybe hahaha) Congrats girls

Im not sure if i will belong in April or May!! i cant wait to get to know everyone.:eek:

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Congratulations!!! Hope you stick around here in April. 20 weeks huh? I would love to be 20 weeks already!! lol Looking forward to getting to know you.

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ya 20 weeks Blum 3 it was a shocker haha found out what i was having the day i found out i was even preg. It helped with the stress thats for sure Smile Im going to stay positive tho! Pcos is a tricky syndrome

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Hi and congrats! Smile

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Woot! Congratulations! That's a really really dark line!

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Yea and Congrats~!

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Congrats & welcome!! Smile