Hello! Let me introduce myself...

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Hello! Let me introduce myself...

Hi everyone! Well, since the 2012 boards have been up I've been posting in May but since I got my IUD out in June I've been anxious to get preggo. ROFL

My name is Megan and I'm a teacher (which is why we were shooting for a May baby) DH is Jared and we have 2 kids already, Lexi (almost 3) and Zayne (19 months). Last cycle I started charting and this cycle I've added OPKs (today is CD 7). I've got the baby fever SOOO bad! I know that since I JUST had my IUD taken out chances of us catching the egg this month are slim to none but it's worth a shot right???

SO YEAH, that's me in a nut shell...I hope I get to stay here with everyone!!!

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Welcome! Might as well stick around here since you never know.... Wink

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Hi and welcome! I hope you get to stick around too! Biggrin

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Welcome, I got pregnant with DS2 right after having my IUD out - so there is hope! I had the non hormonal kind of IUD.

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Hello Megan and welcome. Hope your TTC journey is short and sweet. Good luck!!