Hello third tri!

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Hello third tri!

Can't believe I'm in the the third tri already! This is going way too fast!!

I know I'm not around much... I lurk, I read, I occasionally post... things are just too busy with work and a toddler!!

I see my OB today - 1 hr. glucose test... yum! :rolleyes: And various other tests I think - my thyroid amongst other things... will get to see newbie again as well ! yay! Or at least bits of her...

The insomnia continues... i was really hoping with the 3 weeks I've just had off work to be rested and relaxed going back.. but I'm sleeping like absolute cr@p... blah... we'll see how it goes now that I can no longer nap in the afternoons!

Starting to think about getting some things ready for newbie - hit the sales last week and picked up various things for the first year, we're trying to figure out how to rearrange our apartment and what furniture we need to get rid of and what we'll need to buy... and I'm planning out my crafty endeavours....

I Figure at most I've got only 5 more weeks of work before I get signed off (they're very reasonable here and sign you off on 'sick leave' for the last while - with DS it was 6 weeks before his EDD) I can't wait to be done with work - I'm just not motivated for it, and with the lack of sleep I know I'll really be struggling to make it through each day...

so... how are the reast of you doing, as we all head into the final trimester?!?


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Does 3rd trimester officially start at 28 weeks? I can never remember. If so I am 3rd trimester too!

I made another post about how DH and I have been getting rid of stuff the girls and I don't need/use and getting baby's things put away. Next weekend I'm going go shopping for last minute things. My one hour is Tuesday and I'll get the results in Wed. I need to make sure I don't eat anything sweet tomorrow (foiled again!) in case that has any influence on my results. Which sucks because I've had a major sweet tooth going on!

Anyway, I swear this pregnancy has been going by so fast!

It sounds like you're starting to get things ready for your LO too which is awesome. It's exciting when you start putting things together (IMO)!

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I think professional opinion varies on when third tri officially starts, but I calculate 1/3 of 40 weeks per term, which puts 3rd tri at 26.6 weeks. I know a lot of people say 27 or 28 too. Regardless, knowing full-term is only 9 weeks away from me... THAT is crazy!

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Karen, I'm sorry that you are sleeping poorly. Just one of the many joys of being pregnant. Luckily it's very worth it in the end! I'll be joining you in the 3rd tri on Friday and I can't believe how fast this one is going by when it seemed like I would be pg with DD forever!

I'm glad to see you posting Biggrin

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Yep!! Hard to believe we are just about there. I am 27 weeks tomorrow which according to some is 3rd tri ... can't believe full term is in just 10 weeks.

Also we have not done ANYTHING to get ready for the baby. Nothing. We picked up some paint chips from Home Depot, and we've picked out a travel system, but that is seriously it. We have a lot of work to do!

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I was just thinking the other day that the 3rd tri. has to be getting close. Wow, time is flying.

Bummer that you are having issues sleeping. I always thought it was unfair to have sleep issues during pregnancy only to have a newborn right after and still not get to sleep well. Hopefully once your done with work you can at least get a little more rest in and not be so tired.

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Yay for the third trimester!

We've moved the changing table from DS's room into the new nursery and that's about it lol. I don't even want to think about what is left at this point Sad

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I'll be joining third tri this Saturday, although my ticker doesn't start 3rd tri until 28 weeks. I've been doing okay for the most pary, just a lot going on with my family right now and it was kind of stressing me out. Things have calmed down though somewhat. I haven't been feeling too good though because of a lot of hip pain. It literally feels like my bones are grinding together and it makes it hard for me to sleep. Also, for some reason I have been having these really bad itching fits too. I'm not sure what is going on with that, and I've been having little red dots pop up on my stomach. I have an appointment on Thursday so I will be sure to mention all of this to my doctor to see what they say. They're giving me an ultrasound and then I'll have to re-schedule my glucose testing because originally it was on the 25th, but my appointment got cancelled.