Helloooooooo 2nd trimester!

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Helloooooooo 2nd trimester!

I calculate 13.3 weeks per trimester, and I am not sad to say goodbye to the 1st tri for the last time. My energy levels and nausea are definitely WAY improved. I have also been offered additional FREE ultrasounds because the free clinic is doing training. I'll have one this Thursday night, and they aren't allowed to give any diagnostic information, but there is a very slight chance I might be able to figure out the gender for myself. I know it's early, but I am pretty confident in my u/s evaluation skills. I am eager to find out, so VERY excited!!

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I LOVE knowing I'm in the 2nd trimester. Ha ha, esp since my nausea has gone away for the most part.

And that's awesome about the u/s. I would love to get more just to see my LO on screen.

Hope you get to try and figure out the gender. I was actually thinking that when we go in for our big one that I would ask the tech if I could try and figure it out once they've found the gender before telling us lol. Although it depends on how cranky the tech and my kids are ha ha.

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I am THRILLED to leave the first tri behind. The second tri is the best one for me because I feel better and I am not so huge yet that I can't ever get comfortable! And I can't wait to hear about the u/s and find out if you see anything telling!! :goodluck:

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I'm so pumped for the 2nd trimester - 13 weeks on Tuesday, so I'm almost there! I'm starting to feel better finally and I'm really looking forward to the "honeymoon" phase of pregnancy. Can't believe it's here already!

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I'm soon behind ya....I'll be 13 weeks on Wednesday. I will not miss you first trimester!! lol

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yay how exciting....I'm bringing up the rear so still a few more weeks sigh

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I'm with LJ.... got a bit longer to wait. It DEFINITELY can't come soon enough though!! I am just SICK of feeling like the most inadequate wife/mother/housekeeper on the face of the planet. I haven't had the energy or motivation to do ANYTHING for the last month. I only see my husband about 36 hours a week (48 on a good week!) and I just feel like a complete failure when he comes home and the house is absolutely filthy, there's crap everywhere, and I spend half the day in my pajamas. It's just so lame and I hate it. Not that the house has to be perfect at all times, but it has been BAD lately.... like... walk around in socks for an hour and they'll be black on the bottoms. And I won't mention how disgusting our bathroom is. Oy. Anyway, I just want my energy back.... I'll take anything!

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Hooray for the second trimester!

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Can't wait to join you ladies this Saturday! I am already starting to feel slight improvement though. Only thing is that I'm always so tired. I still get nauseous too, but only if I don't eat right away when I'm hungry .

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Yay fpr the 2nd trimester!!! I can't wait to get there either.