Hesitantly saying Hello

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Hesitantly saying Hello

I got a positive test a couple weeks ago, but having had two miscarriages since my daughter was born in 2007, I'm very hesitant to get excited. Luckily I'm too busy to give myself any time to worry!! We are foster parents and currently we have a 5 year old girl, our 4 year old daughter and 2 nearly 3 year old boys!! It is super fun and super busy. Not looking forward to exhaustion or morning sickness since my crew is quite high needs!


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Oh wow, it definitely sounds like you have your hands full! Well welcome and congrats!! Hope this one sticks!!!

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Sounds like you have a very busy house.

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Congrattsss on your bfp!!! Stick bean stickkk!!

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Congrats! Sending sticky vibes your way!

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You are fully blessed with a houseful of children!


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Congrats and welcome to April! Lots of sticky vibes! Biggrin

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Congratulations!! I am sending you some sticky vibes!!

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Congrats, welcome & lots of sticky vibes being sent your way!!!

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Welcome & Congrats! Sending Sticky Vibes your way!