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Hey all, I'm new to this board but not new to preg.org... I've not been around here for a while but checked in the other day and thought I'd come hang about here.

I'm Sam, 24 from the UK... DBF is Chris also 24... we have one 3 year old drama queen Charlotte who was born in July 2008, and we have a new monkey on the way due 9th April... we had our 20 week scan on Thursday and were told the usual 90% a girl, but I definitely couldn't see any dangly bits lol.

I'm finding this pregnancy a lot different to my first... that was a complete breeze and this one is just killing me lol.
Um, that's about all I think... any questions feel free to ask Smile


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Welcome and congrats on your new addition!

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Welcome and I am having the same experience with the first being easy and this one not as much.... I've thought it was because there is less napping with a little one around the house... same for you??


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Congrats!! Welcome back as well. I Agree with the second go round seems to be harder for me as well! I think its chasing after a toddler(who is trying to shut the computer as i type this lol)

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Welcome and congrats!

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"dangly bits", lol indeed.

Welcome to April 2012!

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Welcome and congrats!

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Congrats on your new edition & welcome to April 2012!

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welcome to the board Smile

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