Holy leg cramp!

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Holy leg cramp!

Last night and about 1:00 I woke up because my SHIN was cramping up...not the back, the top. I've never had this happen before. SO, I tried stretching it out on my own and didn't say anything. I worked for about 5 minutes trying to stretch it out and all of a sudden, BAM, the calf started cramping too. I couldn't do anything, I couldn't move my leg without it hurting. So I wake up DH and ask him to help, by the time he woke up I was crying it hurt so bad! He tried leaning over the bed to rub the cramp out but that only made it worse! I was screaming and crying and yelling at him to make it stop! I'm pretty sure it sounded like I was in labor on one of those TV shows ROFL

To top it off, poor Zayne had been sleeping with us and was super scared because mommy was freaking out! Finally, DH got out of bed, came over and rubbed my leg...it was over!!! I had to get out of bed and stretch it out some more but I was so happy that I could atleast move!!!

I forgot how much I hate this part of being preggo!!!

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Wow. That's sounds like a nightmare! I've been cramping too, but nothing that extreme. When I do cramp up I take it as a sign I need to drink more water.

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Wow I have never had a cramp like that. Although I have had that butt pain in my left cheek (lol) that hurt to the extreme where I cried. The dr said that it's a nerve that has been irritated. I did wake DH the one time when I was trying to stretch it out and was crying and that's when he told me I had to go to the dr lol.

But I'm glad you got it worked out! That must've been horrible! I hope I don't get any cramps like that!

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Shin cramp!?? That's crazy!! I've definitely never had that. I remember I had several charlie horses in my calves and feet during my last pregnancy, but I've been lucky so far with this one. I think I've had maybe one so far. They're just the worst though!!

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Ugh. That sounds awful. Hope you don't get those kind regularly. Did you get leg cramps a lot in your other pregnancies?

I had some pretty severe ones during my last pregnancy - same type of thing - middle of the night and so bad that I needed DH to help stretch it out. So far, this time I've only had a few minor ones.

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I have NEVER had anything that bad during my pregnancies. I remember a few times needing DH to help rub my calf but it never lasted long and it was never this bad. I'm hoping it never happens again!

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OH I am so sorry!!! Leg cramps are terrible. I had my unforgettable one during my first pregnancy, it came on suddenly and I as screaming bloody murder and scared everyone lol Well, I'm laughing now, but in reality I cringe at the thought of that pain!

Hope you don't get any more of those!!!

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Ouch! Hope you don't get anymore of those during this pregnancy.

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Sad Those are miserable! I had them a lot with my first, and my doctor said to eat bananas (for the potassium) and increase water. Both of those things are supposed to help get out the cramps. Even so, I hope this was a one-time thing for you, because that can cause muscle soreness all through the next day.

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I have not had leg cramps with pregnancy .. fingers crossed... but have had them from over doing it playing sports and not properly eating/drinking afterwards. Lots of water and high potassium foods solved the problem then but I don't know if the cause would be the same so I don't know if that would work for you, but couldn't hurt to try! Hope you don't have any more because I was cringing just reading your post!!


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Ouch!! I hear getting out of bed as soon as the cramp hits can help. Hope it doesn't happen for you again though!