holy sinus pressure

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holy sinus pressure

warning vent approaching

OWIE Sad I never get sick (ok very rarely but still knock on wood).
Yesterday and today I've had the worst sinus pressure on the one side of my face I'm tired of it already. I even got a migraine last night (not sure if that was from sinus/forgetting to eat/combination). I took Tylenol for the first time ever since getting preg.

I've had steaming hot shower, coated my face in vicks, sat with hot water bottle on side of face, lots of green tea I just want my face not to hurt anymore. Even eating hurts b/c of the pressure on my teeth

ok vent over Biggrin Thanks for reading

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Sad that is miserable, and all at the end of pregnancy, when you feel like the rest of your body is barely staying together.. ugh! I feel for you! I get sinus infections 2 times a year if I'm not using my sinus rinse, but never had sinus issues at the very end of pregnancy, thankfully. Hoping/praying yours goes away fast, so you can get back to the normal end-of-pregnancy stuff!

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I am sorry! I had the same issue the last week of my pregnancy. As soon as I had Peyton it started to go away. I hope you can get some relief soon. My ob said it was fine to take my normal sinus medication (Zyrtec) you may want to ask your OB if it is ok to take something other then Tylenol.

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Ugh that sucks! I hope it goes away soon. In my pregnancy there were a few times I had horrible pressure on both sides and nothing worked to fix it and trying to get to sleep was horrible.

Maybe your OB can give you something to help relieve the pain.

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I had that much earlier in my pregnancy. It was HORRIBLE! I even went to the dentist thinking it could be my TMJ or a bad tooth or something. All I could do was lay on the couch and cry, it was that bad. Turned out it was just a really bad sinus infection. I got antibiotics and pain meds for it, that were okayed by my OB.

I hope you find some relief soon since I know exactly how awful that can be.