Hope everyone is having an awesome Holiday!

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Hope everyone is having an awesome Holiday!

Just stopping in to say Happy Holidays to all of you lovely ladies!!!

Can you believe it's going to be 2012???? Anyone else think this pregnancy is just flying by?

We had a great Christmas and Nate (DH) was finally able to see my entire belly shift from one side to the other. He was like OMG! How can that happen already? LOL Unbelievable our babies are so big already. I can't wait!!!

I'm putting together my birthing supply list so I can shop sometime in late January. I just don't want to wait till last minute to get everything we need. I found an awesome new birthing-pool I want and I am happy to see that prices on these have gone down considerably.

Well, I was just stopping in to check on everyone and babble. Think I'm gonna go lay down for a while see if I can sleep tonight.


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This pregnancy has flown by! I can't believe how much closer we're all getting. Ha I like to look at other boards too to see how many Dec babies have left to arrive and how many January moms have gone early! I keep thinking how we're soon!!!!

I want to get my hospital bag packed too. I like to try and be prepared lol.

Can't believe new years is almost here. This whole thing has gone by so quickly is crazy!