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Hospital Stay

sorry I haven't been on much the past week or so. I've been busy trying to plan a trip to visit family. Des had his 9 month check up and turned out he lost 2 oz in 12 days. So they ran some blood tests and a urine analysis and said his sodium levels were 152 and they didn't want it higher than 145 and that the lab work said he was dehydrated and his liver was agitated.

So he was admitted to the hospital. So sad.

They put an IV in his arm and they did blood work every 4 hours and they kept having to restrain him to do blood draws and I just wanted to cry. They weighed every diaper I changed and calculated every calorie he put in his mouth. They times how long I BFed him. They kept telling me I had to force him to take a bottle of formula and I told them no. I got one dr on my side to give breast milk in a bottle instead but of course he won't take a bottle but better than them shoving formula at me. Desmond liked the crib though because it was kind of like a cage...he would pull himself up and jump around and was being a little monkey lol.

All the drs and nurses at the hospital said he looked fine. Not malnourished or dehydrated and he had to have a dietitian come in and she said to cover all his food in butter lol.

We had to stay one night and were wanting to me stay 48+ hours. We got out at about 26 hours. The one dr watching Des pushed for us to be released esp when his sodium levels were 143 before we got the IV put in (which was only put in the bring his levels down). Then they said his original lab work was a lab error. So I wasn't very happy.

DH had fought his being admitted. He yelled at an officer and they threatened to go to his command to get him in trouble and he told them to go right ahead. When they realized threatening him wouldn't work they told him the real reason they wanted to have Des admitted was to make sure he was absorbing nutrients properly and not needing a feeding tube. (sigh) But DH was right in fighting it because he didn't even need it. And now he is wanting us to go out in town instead of being seen at Naval.

For the next few weeks Desmond has to go in for weight checks and be seen by the dietitian. I'm just so...I dunno. Apparently the head pediatric guy at Naval has been monitoring Desmond's weight since 4 months when they decided he didn't weigh enough. He was the one who had him admitted. He's the one we have to see for weight checks. But I don't get it because he was also someone who is pushing formula on us. I kept telling them that BM is suppose to be best so why are they saying formula is better for my son. They said that because it has more calories and fats for him. I don't get it.

I'm just stressed out still and irritated that because the lab made a mistake Desmond had to have so much blood drawn and him cry out Mama and had an IV in (and even cried out Dada the first time!) all because they messed up. But there are so many other people who have kids in the 0% and they were never admitted to the hospital. I wasn't even in the 0% as a baby! At least the dietitian agreed with me that he's going to be small. She said as long as he gains some weight she didn't care about charts. I'm just so upset they did that.

Sorry this post is kind of scattered. I'm still upset about it and I feel defeated that they say I need to just give formula instead of BFing because they say I don't produce enough (yet I've donated over 500 oz to women who needed it for their babies). And then my mom is saying I need to give baby food, but Des won't eat food off a spoon from me! And so she went and bought baby food and I felt like she rubbed it in my face that she got him to eat it but I can't. He just thinks I need to always hold him so he fights a spoon coming for him lol. (sigh)

I may add more to this later, but I'm just still upset to think of anything else. I'm tired of them saying there's something wrong with him when he's not a huge baby. He's trying to walk. My dad watched him take a step from a chair to reach another piece of furniture! I'm just...sad. They said he's ahead milestone wise, but worry because he's not gaining weight like they want that his brain is going to stop growing or maybe he's going to have cerebellar palassey (my computer is being slow so I can't spell check, lol sorry I can't spell the word, but I'm sure you can guess what I'm saying right?)

I'm tired of our drs. I'm tired of feeling defeated. I just want them to not freak out that he's 14 lbs and 3 oz at 9 months. He's not a big kid! I'm not a big person! I'm not even 5'1 and I'm 108 lbs. My sister is the same and her kids are real small. My brothers are sticks lol. I just wish they would stop trying to guilt me about my kid not being big.

Sorry about the rant. I'm still upset. (sigh)

BTW happy 9 months to Desmond!

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Sorry you are going through this. In some ways I can relate. Robbie was a preemie and though he ate a ton was always slow to gain. He took until he was 6 years old to get to 20% instead of 2%. His ped always made me feel like I was starving him and would not believe how much he ate when I would tell her - when my husband would take him there was no mention of his weight!!!

Forget baby food (seriously, would YOU eat that crap). Give him finger foods and let him feed himself. I would also print off the WHO weight charts for breast fed babies and take that with you! growthcharts/#growth or childgrowth

edited to add:

my little turkey was 17lbs at his first birthday and ate none stop. Once I got rid of the ped (had to go to her for 2 years due to prematurity) our family doctor looked at our son who is rarely sick and said "well, he probably will never have a weight problem", and that is the only comment he has made in 5 years about his weight.

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what a mess Sad
were they at least happy with his calorie intake and diaper weights?
Will he take food off your finger? What about eating in your lap or he'll still fight spoon? Adam is getting better but I could get him to take some water from a sippy and when he'd open his mouth for that I'd shove spoon instead.
Or what about those mesh feeders? Messy but not a spoon Smile

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My oldest dropped from the 50th percentile to 5th when she started moving so we had to do weight checks. She just has little interest, even now, in food. She was also around 17 lbs at 1 year and at 4.5 years is 32 lbs.

I just tried to make her food count. She got lots of avocado, cheese, cottage cheese and eventually peanut butter. She liked to eat yogurt/cottage cheese with her hands. I let her because it meant she was eating! She didn't start to eat meat until almost 2 years old.

Don't worry about his percentile but he shouldn't be losing and he should be maintaining close to his own curve. Keep BF and just try to add high calorie finger food.

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They loved how wet his diapers were (and I got a few for the Corpsman really excited about our cloth diapers lol) but they didn't say anything about his calorie intake.

He sat on my lap at dinner today and ate off a spoon so I'm wondering if maybe he will eat off a spoon that way. I also likes to chew on apples and he may get a few pieces. He loves banana too.

He's just very picky...he wants what he wants when he wants it. Ha ha, But the dietitian said she figured he had lost weight because he had been sick and he started moving and he still hadn't caught back up yet. We had the bad stomach bug where he threw up and had diarrhea badly. And I let him nurse until he's happy.

I do understand why they're concerned but I'm more irritated they admitted him and took blood and did an IV when he didn't need it. I don't mind the weight checks and seeing the dietitian and trying to get him to eat more. I want him to eat more lol. It was just upsetting that I was the one who had to always hold him down Sad The first time it took 5 people to hold him down while they did his IV. Then I held him down myself the next two times because the others just stood and watched. But everyone liked how happy he was otherwise. He was a very good patient.

They did tell me if he doesn't gain a certain amount of weight (dunno how much, they didn't tell me) he's going to be admitted again and have more tests run to "figure out why he's not gaining weight properly"...and they may end up sending us to a hospital 1-2 hours away (sigh) I worry because I dunno how I'm going to manage that with DH in the military and next month he leaves for a months worth of training and then I have DD1 in school and I would have to stay with Des since he's BF. Not to mention my moody DD2 lol. I'm trying not to stress because I have no idea what I'm going to do if he goes back. Gah can't think that far ahead!!!

He does seem to be nursing more and longer though so lets hope he gains more weight.