How early can baby drop?

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How early can baby drop?

So we went to the mall yesterday and as I was wobbling out something weird happened in my stomach and it pretty much felt like baby was going to fall out or something. Then I couldn't walk and had very strong contractions for about an hour and then they stopped -- however my stomach is WAY WAY lower now -- just as big, but there is definitely A LOT more space between the top of my fundus and the round part of my belly is REALLY low now, so low that I can't cross my legs at all and I can't sit with my legs close together or anything.

I can barely handle sitting up, it's like I feel like I have to lay back in everything because I can't sit straight or baby goes nuts and pushes and pulls or whatever.

It really feels like baby has dropped - or maybe gotten into some other position. How early in pregnancy can the baby drop? My other two dropped well after 34 weeks, so not this early.

I also decided to re-measure my fundal height and it's coming up at 35.5 weeks now and that is if I measure myself as tightly and as far down as possible lol and I even layed down flat on the floor so that my tummy would be as FLAT as humanly possible. I have a midwife appointment on the 2nd, going in for an ultrasound hopefully before I get in to see the midwife and I have to go in for bloodwork again this week (double checking antibodies). I know the baby is fine cause movement is still insane and all over the place so I am not really worried about baby while it's in there, just starting to get concerned about going into labor early or something - I know they say baby doesn't drop till about 4 weeks before labor and in subsequent pregnancies they say baby engages basically just before labor -- but I also know everyone is different so I'd like to see if anyone else has ever dropped this early and been fine.

Think I should call the midwife before my appointment? I don't know, I am not having any weird symptoms, just lots of pressure and pelvic pain but not bloody show or extra water or anything that would indicate labor to me.

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When I was pregnant with DD2 she dropped real low early. She was head down in my pelvis around 6 or 6 1/2 months, maybe 7. I remember when I'd go into my appts my OB kept saying how low she was low, but wasn't too concerned about it until I was closer to my due date (7 1/2 month to 8 months)...she kept telling me if I wasn't careful I'd go into early labor. I did have her 2 1/2 weeks early but that's because I didn't take it easy ha ha. But I remember waddling a lot with her and how I had to grab things to pull myself up (lol I'm doing that this time around too!)

If you're having pains, I would call and see what your midwife says. Although she may just say take some Tylenol. I have hip pains a lot because of how mine is laying.

Hope everything goes good at your appt and hopefully you'll get that u/s soon!

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Wow. That's crazy. I don't have any experience with it, but I'd say if you are concerned then I'd call the MW. However, if you feel like the baby is fine and you aren't having other labor symptoms then I'd just wait for the regular appointment and ask about it then. I hope it's not a sign you are going to go too early. We always like to bake our LO's till they are good and done for sure.

PS: Did I miss any news on your u/s? Did you get that done yet? Sorry if you updated somewhere else and I missed it.

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Sounds good, I am pretty much making it a rule to "sit/lay down" when it starts to get bad until everything feels okay so I think I will refrain from calling the MW unless there is something more out of the ordinary since I'm scheduled for the 2nd and it's every two weeks after that. It's too easy for me to panic and dial her cell phone lol I don't like abusing that ability!

I can't wait for 32 weeks cause then she comes to me!

I was changing today and DH was sitting on the bed and I hear "HOLY S...T" and turn around going like "What?" and he was just taken aback by the size of my belly LOL! I thought he saw something scary like a giant spider or something hahahahaha

I wanted to go in tomorrow for the US but I have to go out of town with my best friend (she's getting married) and she wants my opinion on her dress and I already rescheduled on her once so I can't cancel. I am going to see if they can fit me in or Thursday or Friday. I want to see what is happening in there! I figure I will go to the US and then run to the lab all in the same day so I don't have to deal with medical crap too many days in a row.

Glad dropping early doesn't necessarily mean anything bad. I think 37-38 weeks is fine. I just freak about anything under 36!

I cannot sleep again tonight, I'm just not comfortable in any position so I'm back in my office chair, seems the most comfy place right now. I will definitely update as soon as I have the US!