How is everyone??

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How is everyone??

I was thinking we haven't had an update in a while... I know not many people are checking in these days, but oh well, ...

Anyways, so we had an exciting morning!! Heidi and I were leaving the room where my husband was standing, and she waved!! It was so cute!! It is so neat to see her catching on, so I guess we will be starting baby sign soon!

Heidi also had her 6 month immunizations (they only do them once a month, and somehow we got off schedule, so we are now a little delayed). Went in for one, and she ended up getting three... the one I expected, and her flu shot, and they gave her Hepatitis A too.

I've also noticed that I am starting to feel like we are coming out of the all consuming baby phase... I know can set Heidi on the floor and she is happy for sometimes over half an hour! So I can actually get stuff done around the house while she is awake. Feel like I'm getting back into a routine rather than just trying to get the basics done.. I actually have gone through the cupboards in the kitchen and tidied and cleaned them.

That's where we are at!


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Desmond waves too, but he doesn't quite understand when to wave ha ha. He does it at random when my husband or I are holding him and we're talking to each other. Maybe that's just his way to say "Hey look here I am" ha ha.

He did finally cut a tooth 2 weeks ago and nighttimes have been horrible since. He wakes up about every 1-2 hours to nurse a little and pretty much use me as a pacifier ha ha. We give him oral gel but it only helps so much.

He has also been testing his limits to see how long he can stand by himself before grabbing back on to whatever he pulled himself up on. He's going to be walking soon AH!

He also has really bad separation anxiety. I'm talking I'll move 3 feet from him and he freaks out. Sometimes he will be okay is he's in the walker and I'm going dishes or laundry but other than that he doesn't want me to move at all. he will crawl after me just crying, even if I just move to the other side of the room. Although sometimes he will crawl off to play in DD2s room lol.
We have our Marine Corps ball coming up in a few days and there are no kids allowed. We have to get a babysitter for the kids and I'm a wreck thinking of leaving Des. It'd only be for about 3 hours but still. He won't take anything but the boob so we're trying to get him to drink from a sippy cup to see if he will take that. We had a little success last night with it but he was nursing then I'd offer the cup and he'd drink a little then lean to the boob again ha ha. The ball is mandatory for the Marines to go but my husband already bought my ticket so we didn't want the money to go to waste which is why I'm going too. Although if I could get away with him just putting all my food in Tupperware and bringing it back to me I'd be fine ha ha.

I swear our kids are growing up so fast. It's hard to believe how much time has gone now.

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good, busy here.
Adam just had his 6mth appt (18.7lbs) but I am waiting until this coming week for the needle. He's had a horrible cough and was so fearful for croup again
He can hold himself up on all fours now but still hasn't quite figured out how to get there haha, well this morning I helped him push his hands up straight and he pushed back onto fours so likely he'll get there soon

he started to clap, so cute Smile

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We're good! Lucas turned 7 months today. At his 6 month appt he was 17 lbs 10 oz and 27 inches.

He's waving a little, getting up on all fours, but hasn't figured out crawling yet. He also likes to do push ups. He'll just get on hands and tippy toes. He's sleeping terribly lately. We are up at least 6 times per night nursing. We are co-sleeping all the time now, or I wouldn't be able to function at work. He's got a tooth that should be popping through any day now!

Here's a pic from his 6 month pictures:

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We've had a recent development explosion over here. Kole is now 7months and about 3 weeks ago he went from tummy to sitting position by himself for the first time. Two days after that he pulled himself up to standing for the first time. Now he's cruising and the other day he started pushing a box across the floor after he pulled himself up. It's like he's doing everything all at once! He went from the couch to the coffee table today. He's been army crawling (it's actually more like swimming with his belly on the floor, like a butterfly stroke) but then yesterday he started doing spurts of crawling on all fours. He is very interested in getting UP! On the other side of the coin, his big sister only wants to do the stuff baby is doing. So she wants to wear diapers, crawl on the floor, etc.

I agree these babies are growing up so fast!! I feel like I just had him yesterday!

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Aww, such a cute picture!

Archer has finally started sleeping on his own at night for 2-3 hours. We've coslept since birth but I'm ready to start having some time to myself at night when the kids first go down. He does those first few hours and then we cosleep the rest of the night. He still nurses a ton while we cosleep so I'm thankful for that little break.

We started solids a few weeks ago and he is a big eater. He eats three meals now in addition to nursing pretty frequently. While he can pick up food with his fingers, he hasn't yet gotten the idea that it goes in your mouth after its picked up.

He is doing the backwards scoot thing on his belly and can pivot around in 360 degree circles pushing with one of this legs. He also rolls over and over to get where he wants. Its pretty funny to watch but totally effective. He can sit if we help him upright (we don't do much of this though) but he still needs to figure out how to sit up from laying on his own.

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awww these babies are growing up so fast sniff

cruising! woah