How is everyone feeling?

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How is everyone feeling?

How is everyone feeling now days since pushing out LO or having your c/s? I know some of us just had baby and for some its been a few weeks. So how is everyone healing and feeling overall these days? If you are still waiting let us know how you are feeling as well.

Also I know many of us have other kids so how is everything going with the other kids in relation to new baby? If your a FTM how is everything going for you and your new LO?

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My kids LOVE their brother. It's so sweet watching DD2 try to comfort him. She's decided to say what I say when he's upset, which is me going "Shhh, it's okay. Sh sh sh." Lol. I think she believes he is her baby. DD1 loves talking to him and he just smiles away at both girls.

Going from 2-3 was a little tricky at first, but as soon as I got into a routine it's been easier. DH got everyone their own laundry basket to make that just a little bit easier (washing each kids' clothes separately). Yesterday I had to change Desmond 5 times in all! That includes his PJs lol. First one he spit up all over, second one he managed to pee all over it (it was wet all the way up to his armpit!), third one his diaper exploded ALL over me, the couch, and the floor lol (somehow it pooled on the couch, dripped all over the floor, and got all over my butt when he was in my lap! My kid is talented lol!!!) and the 4th one he managed to stay in the rest of the day. Then of course it was PJ time. This only happened because I told my mom he hadn't had to get outfit changes during the day! Lol.

Some nights are harder than others, esp when I think he'd be tired since he only has been taking one good nap a day and power napping the rest (power napping of 30 minutes or less...usually about 10!) We give him tummy time a lot and he's already rolled over a few times and he's trying to scoot! He actually did a half circle the other day when DH put him on his stomach. I wonder if he will crawl early or be stubborn like DD2 and not do it until DH is there! (Ha, DD2 didn't crawl until she was about 7 months old because she wouldn't unless DH was there! He was in schooling for his job in another state at the time when we visited and she started crawling...she did the same with walking!) DH has been great at night...Desmond has been getting up about 1:30-2:30 every night and DH gets up with him, while I do the late night ones (about 10-12) and early morning ones (about 4:30-5:30). Also, I'm trying to stick with strictly BFing him during the day and him getting 2 bottles in all in 24 hours (one right before bedtime and one when DH feeds him in the middle of the night). Of course on the weekend I'll have more bottles if DH wants to help. I'm trying to use the frozen milk because I seriously have no more room! Ha ha, and my supply has FINALLY begun to even out, although I'm sure if I kept pumping I'd have a huge supply again!

Anyway, here is a picture of him I took yesterday...and WOW he's going to be 6 weeks friday!

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I'm feeling pretty good overall. Healing this time has gone much faster and my body feels like its going back together a lot quicker. DS2 was a rough birth last time and I was sore forever and my tear took months to feel better. I tore again this time, on the same spot, and even though it was a 2nd degree tear it only needed 4 stitches this time compared to 15 last time. I can't even feel the tear at this point and it doesn't give me any trouble so I'm keeping fingers crossed that maybe it has healed up way faster than before. Also this birth was a lot more gentle so that may be why I feel better a lot sooner. I've got some hemi issues which are no fun but par for the course. Also my intestines have been real sensitive and coupled with the hemi issues not fun. Last week I started back on some probiotic and kept my food more veggie based and so far that has helped a ton. I'm avoiding meat like no other since that causes the most issues. I don't know if its just my intestines shifting back into place or what but I've never had sore intestines after giving birth. Mentally I have my moments too. Mostly when DS2 is being a typical toddler or crying when baby is crying or needing to be held. I can totally my mood surge and have to remind myself to take everything in stride. Its hard not to get overwhelmed and feel emotional sometimes. I can't wait for my hormones to level out more.

DS1 is doing awesome with the baby. He is almost 7 and is just taking everything so well this time. DS2 just hit 18 months and is teething really bad. He has been a handful. He loves the baby and 'talks' about baby all the time but has a hard time being gentle and not jelouse when it come to Archer. I know its just the age and in a few months it will be easier for him to be gentle and have fun with the baby. Right now its just plain hard having two that are so little. My biggest challenges are the 2 story house we live in (my 18 month old is not safe going down the stairs alone yet) and getting both kids down the stairs, nap time (still have 2 nursing), and getting DS2 to sit and relax with me while I nurse Archer instead of wanting to body slam us both.

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Since it was my third c-section, my nerve endings had already been chopped twice before. The first day was really rough because they had to man-handle my bladder more than usual and I was bruised inside, but after that, I am feeling great! Smile

The girls are loving their brother, and I know they wish I let them hold him more. They do lay next to Eli & talk to him while he's on his floor gym.. but I should probably be letting them interact a little more. They're helpful to take the "baby burritos" to the garbage.. and now that he's fitting into his size small cloth diapers, the girls are taking those to the diaper basket.

I feel bad that I still haven't posted my birth story (even though I've already written like a full page... how much could I really write about a planned c-section with no real complications? Oh well..), since I'm still taking 12 college credits right now.. too much other stuff to absorb my time. I am so looking forward to being done with full-time school!

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How is everyone feeling now days since pushing out LO or having your c/s? I feel great! Honestly other then feeling like I was in a major car accident I didn't have any issues from having Peyton, the nurses were shocked to see me up and walking around the Postpartum area right after having Peyton. I tore but it was in the same place that I tore with the previous 2 deliveries.

Also I know many of us have other kids so how is everything going with the other kids in relation to new baby? My older children love Peyton they are always trying to do something to help with him or touch, kiss, hug, hold him. He is going to be one spoiled little boy! I don't let them do but so much at this time, but I guess I should let them do more. He is such a great baby!

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I am feeling good. I have way more energy then I did before having Emma. The kids love their little sister but Sarah has decided that now is a great time to stop napping, so that makes for long afternoons and she is cranky in the evenings. Luckily DH has been around to help but when he is not around I am not very patient so I need to work on that. I do wish Emma would fall asleep in her own bed, I love cosleeping but my other 2 kids would at least fall a sleep in their own beds and then join us later. Even now I am typing in bed with her asleep beside me, I am afraid to get up becuase she usually wakes up then.