How I told the FB World....

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How I told the FB World....

I had my first U/S today. I was so cool to see the baby's heartbeat and little arms and legs. DH and I decided after we got the U/S we'd tell 'the public' ie: Facebook.

I knew I had to come up with something fun and this is what I did.

DD was so excited to finally see pictures of her baby Smile

2011-08-29 01

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So cute!! Great idea and pictures!!

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Cute idea! Your DD is adorable!

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Super cute!

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Totally cute!

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REALLY cute idea...I just might steal it Smile

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That is adorable! Great idea and I'm glad your daughter was excited to see the baby too!

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that's so sweet! She's adorable!

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That's so cute! We are going to post a video of DS announcing our news if we can get him to cooperate. Just have to hold out at least 3 more weeks.

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