How much movement?

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How much movement?

Ok so I know we have all been talking about baby movements and stuff but how much are your lo's actually moving?

For the last few days if I lay down for a few minutes he will move around and do flips and such, if he is moving this much already I can't image what it will be like in another 5 weeks.

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Mine goes through periods of activity and then periods of quiet. But the kicks are definitely getting stronger! It's so fun.

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I'm finally feeling baby and they are pretty strong movements. It's pretty infrequent and mostly at night when I'm lying down but I did just feel baby while I was making supper...I think s/he approves!

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Mines are like Ithilien described.

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I was about to post something like this earlier! Today mine has pretty much just been having a party in my belly ha ha. I swear this baby was jumping up and down all over.

I do mostly feel the LO at night or when I'm lying down. It's so exciting!

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I feel movement intermittently. It's still just light flutters, but they are getting stronger.

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This will be my 5th and haven't felt nothing....... getting pretty concerned.. My first appt is thurs morn so we will see.....

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My movements are mostly at night!! Ive only felt them one or twice mid day! Im am kinda excited to feel them more often tho!!!

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I'm not feeling as much movement at this stage as I was with my other two kiddos, and it's kind of been making me wonder at times. Just within the last few days, I'm starting to feel more "real" movement. It's not intense at all yet. I'm wondering if my placenta has moved up yet, or it's going to minimize all the movement I feel Sad

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Felt my first rolls this weekend. Also, my son was laying on me and sat up pretty quickly and looked so confused. I think he felt the kick too. We explained about the baby moving in my belly. It was cute.

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I don't feel it at all during the day (or I am too distracted to notice) but I have already been woken up in the middle of the night by the acrobatics.

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I feel it more at night when going to bed or sitting still like now on the computer. Its still pretty light. I've had exactly 3 big hard kicks that make me say wow. Those I had because I was twisting around in some off position reaching my LO that was in the back seat. Baby doesn't really like when I do that I

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LO's kicks have so far been light and sporadic. I was actually getting really concerned last night because it occurred to me that I hadn't felt any movement in several hours. I was feeling paranoid, so I started pushing the lower left side of my belly pretty hard (that's where baby's been hanging out the most, it seems). Lo and behold, like 30 seconds later I started feeling the little babe! And I apparently woke him/her up, because then they became REALLY active for a while. So yay! Relief. Smile

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The past two days lead me to believe I'm giving birth to Jackie Chan's baby.

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"ShylahEQ" wrote:

The past two days lead me to believe I'm giving birth to Jackie Chan's baby.

ha ha I've felt this way for the past week or two! LO has been real active and kicking up a storm!