How should I proceed?

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How should I proceed?

So....I have no idea what CD I am on.

I had a LAP and HSG on June 22, which was CD 22 for me (convenient for AF to start on the 1st of the month!) I had some spotting after it for three days, then started some solid bleeding on CD 25. I had consistent bleeding/spotting until CD30, but not AF heavy and no clots or cramps at all except once the morning of CD29. It's been brown spotting since then, and actually, I'm still having a little brown/tan spotting.

My cycle is 29/30 days average, so AF should have showed up this past week but nothing that felt like AF. The nurse at my REs office said it the bleeding have been an early AF. I'm not sure how that works though as I wouldn't think surgery would trigger the hormones to make AF come.... but apparently all the drugs and whatnot can screw with my system?

Should I count CD25 as CD1 and go from there? I have some expired OPKs which I can at least test out to see if they detect when LH is going up a bit...

I'm so confused...

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It's hard to say. With a lap, it really messes with your cycle, so that's why most doctors will suggest you wait 1 normal cycle before charting again.
I know that's probably not what you want to hear but by the sound of it, you know your body better than anyone else would and if you think the bleeding isn't what AF is normally like, then more than likely, it probably wasn't AF just yet.

The OPKs might be helpful, if you don't mind wasting afew to see if you get a positive or not. It might help you guestimate what CD you really are on.

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I would check out getting some OPK's has a great deal on some you get 40 OPK's and 10 HPT's for $10 and if you have Amazon Prime you can get free 2 day shipping. Hope that helps. As for the rest of the stuff I am just as confused as you are Lol

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Hey girl.. I've been lurking (and stalking you, sorry haha) but wanted to say that after my HSG, my cycle got a little messed up.... that was JUST an HSG, no lap, so I can see how yours might have been affected by everything going on. I wish you the very very very best! Smile

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Eeeek! I have stalkers!

I think I'm going to coins it as AF and then start OPKs on what I estimate would be CD11 and see what happens.