How are you gonna tell DH/SO?

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How are you gonna tell DH/SO?

Can you tell I'm just bored as heck today at work and nothing else on my mind except for babies?!?! Must be that dang smiley face!!

ANYWAYS... For those with BFPS already, how did you tell your DH/SO/whoever!

Or.. How do you plan on telling if you get it?? Anything special?? Just show the test?? POAS with him in the room??

Haha.. I feel that so many of us are POAS-addicts that the chances are most of us find out alone because we just POAS multiple times... hehe...

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I will definately find out before DH! With DD and DS I didn't do anything exciting (although with DS he thought I was kidding because I called him on April Fools Day) but anyways, I want to do something fun but have NO idea what! Hopefully I'll get some good ideas here Smile

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With DS I told kevin,... in a text message!! hahah!! he was @ work and lived an hour of way and it was kind of a.... HUGE suprise and so... yeah.. not very exciting way to find out.. especially because it was the beginign of his shift... so Im sure that was a long night of work for him haha..

Months ago when i was telling him that my best friend was trying to figure out how to tell her BF, he told me to never "think of a way... " and instead, just to tell him ASAP and rip it off like a bandaid! (haha at the time he wasnt really WILLING to TTC so I dont think he'd be like EXCITED or THRILLED at the moment but would of gotten over it quickly) so now.. that hes on board with TTC... Im debating..

I did realize that his BDAY is in 5 weeks so I MIGHT be able to hold off until then!!!

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With my first, I told my husband (then fiance) over the phone because he had just flown out of state for Thanksgiving and I was in shock and NOT waiting. Our second, I wrapped up a new sleeper onesie in a gift bag with a card that said "I can't wait to meet you in September." He didn't believe me and so I had to fish the pregnancy out of the garbage to prove it!!! Because he is out of town (again!) I still haven't told him yet this time. I am thinking about making a picture with a hand print from each of the boys, with their names and maybe birthdays listed under them, and then leaving a obvious space on it with something like- Name: To be decided, 4/2/11 (although I'm still not sure of the exact EDD). I still need to think of the wording... I'm excited to hear other people's ideas!

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Nothing special here just told him. The last 2 were no as planned as this one, so he was a bit shocked but this one we were TTC. So it should be no surprise but he is not really into the whole pregnancy thing just the having the baby in the end. So I do not expect him to be to excited but still happy.

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Nothing special here. When I tested on Sunday morning and I was walking through the bedroom looking dumbfounded, he asked me what was wrong. I just blurted out that I was pregnant and he was over the moom excited Smile

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I gave him a cute little onesie and showed him the pregnancy test. Very low key....after 2 miscarriages there is more nervousness than excitement but he was still very, very happy! Biggrin

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I've bought a card. It's tucked away until it's time to use it. It's one of those "parents to be" cards from Hallmark. It's very cute and sentimental and I know he will be confused as heck opening it. On the inside I just wrote "Congratulations Daddy!"

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I texted DH a pic of the test with a message that he was off the hook for BDing in 2 weeks...not very fun, but he was super surprised because we had both blown off the month. I couldn't really do anything too wild because we won't be telling DD (she is 15) for a few weeks.

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My DH will probably have me wake him up before I go to work. He always knows when I'm testing and no wake up call means a negative.

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With my two kiddos it has been "Dave, get in here, you have to come see this". But if I get preggo this month I will be 11dpo on his birthday, so I would love to try and put together something cute to tell him. Too bad I am not creative enough to think of anything so I may have to steal one of your guys way.

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How about a calender with babies birthday marked???

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Usually, I am screaming into the bedroom to wake DH up and ask him if he sees a line too, haha!

....but after 2 chem pg's, I think I'm gonna wait until I can see a dr...or maybe just before. B/c he may guess that if I tell him I need to see the dr (and don't obviously look sick).

after thinking some more, if the lines get darker, I think I'll just get DD to tell DH that she is gonna be a big sister!

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I was kind of thinking of putting Brody in a big brother shirt on his birthday and taking a picture of him, like eating cake or opening presents, then just saving the picture and not "posting" it for months... and see if anyone notices.. oh wait thats how i was gonna tell the world.. okay.. Kevin... I think I'll put a test in his lunch box, might as well keep up the tradition of telling him at work.. OR TRY and hold out til hisbday..but that'd be kinda far along!!!!

However, I cld have the u/s pic and put it in his card. (His bday is sept 1st, and AF is due Aug 7th..) but maybe that might also work for the next cycle.. if I dont have a 40 day cycle again that is hehhe

I always love when people do the "buns in the oven" with the oven light on.