how's baby?

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how's baby?

So interesting to see where others are at. Adam being one of the youngest on the board isn't as far along as others but still with everyone developing at different stages so cool to see.

So where's baby at these days?

Adam (5.5mths) can sit up unassisted quite well now. He "can" roll over both ways but rarely does, I think he's too busy on his stomach trying to figure out how to pull up his legs so he can work on crawling. No teeth yet just lots of drools. Hmm what else, very grabby have to be careful what I have in my hand if he's in my lab. No food yet, I gave him a taste of potato and turnip but he just pushed it out.

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Lucas just turned 6 months this week. He's rolling both ways, can sit unassisted for a few seconds at a time, but he's very wobbly. We will be working on that this week, because we are having pictures done next weekend.

No teeth yet, but tons of drooling. He's been on solids for a month or so now, and he's eating 2-3 containers of baby food a day.

I have to be mindful of the grabbing too. Makes drinking my morning coffee or pumping while I nurse him quite an adventure. He keeps me on my toes.

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Kole is about 6.5 months and is very solidly sitting and rolling and is almost crawling. He can get where he wants to go, but it's very slow and army crawl style, or this froggy hop thing he does. No teeth, but we've been giving him solids since just after 4 months, but he is just now starting to actually eat any of it. He was just spitting it all out, but now he seems to be starting to like it and will actually eat a few bites of it. He's never finished even a small jar yet. He's a super happy baby and very easy most of the time, which is super nice since his sister was an extremely high needs baby and just hit the terrible twos full force. He is so fat and cute, he totally gives me baby fever!

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Emma will be 7 mths on Friday. She is sitting well, not crawling yet, I don't think she is really interested in moving yet. She is just starting to like food but she does not really open her mouth yet, so I have to trick her into opening it. She does not really understand baby mum mums yet. She just does not eat them, everything else goes in her mouth but not the mum mums. She has 2 teeth.

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Desmond will be 7 months tomorrow. AH!

He sits up on his own, been crawling 2 1/2 weeks now, pulls himself up on EVERYTHING (esp me), grabs stuff to put in his mouth, and is enjoying finger foods now. Since he started liking finger foods, he rarely will eat any baby food though. Ugh.
He really likes the BM pancakes I've been making him!

Still no teeth, but drooling like crazy and he is always after his sisters' toys lol.

He doesn't sleep very good at night anymore. He will sleep until between midnight and one, maybe two if he didn't get to sleep until 10 (usually asleep around 9) and then he's up every two hours afterwards to nurse. Oh and he prefers DH to get him to sleep ha ha.

I miss when he was a newborn now lol. He's growing up too fast!!!

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Heidi is going to be 7 months in a few days (28th) and she is just awesome. She is sitting really solidly and even to the point where I will just set her down and walk away and she will still be sitting playing with her toys ten minutes later. She is just figuring out how to get from sitting to lying down without doing a faceplant. She has bumped her head a couple times, but in the last day or two she has started to get the hang of it. She doesn't move much, I think her biggest move is about a foot, although she can spin quickly! I don't think she has much interest in moving because she has three big kids who keep her entertained, and bring her toys as soon as she looks like she has any interest in it!
As for eating, she is a champ!! Tonight she ate a quarter of a sausage and three brussel sprouts. This morning she ate a whole waffle!! She only has two teeth, but she just gums and down it goes!
Finally she is back to sleeping well. She goes down around 9, up around 3am for a quick snack, and then back to sleep until 7.

Going to get crazy around here when she really gets moving.. going to have to get the big kids to clean up all their toys more diligently! Guess I should be looking at that as a positive!!


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I just typed a big long response and then accidentally left the page. Beee I'll have to respond to this again, when I'm not so ticked about losing all of that... lol