How's your mood?

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How's your mood?

I don't remember being like this with the other two but holy cow I am one moody preggo the past few days. Hurting, tired, hungry but not at the same time, irritable beyond belief.

Besides all the aches and pains and lack of sleep, I've got this weird anxiety thing going on. Not about anything in particular, I just feel very on edge. Today I worked, came home, put the baby's room together completely (built the furniture, put all his things away, built the swing, assembled the car seat..) hoping that would wear me out and I could sleep. Now I'm sitting here restless and anxious for no reason.

Oh little Jaxon, why are you making mommy so moody!

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Would you like to come to my house and pack things for me? Lol. Kidding.

I have been more irritable with this one. Even my younger brother said something about it at Christmas time. My sister was (and still is) being unreasonable about stuff and I just really got into it with her and I was reading the texts out loud to my family and finally my brother turned to me and asked why I was so mean this pregnancy lol.

I think the crying has been less this time around (although I've been holding it in lol). But it sounds like you've hit a big nesting mode!

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I can get pretty moody as well - i think a lot of it is down to fatigue - I sleep like cr@p and have been pretty much since the beginning - I have little patience for DS (and at almost 2 he's really hitting an age where boat loads of patience are required!) and will randomly snap at DH over stupid things....

and I'm achey and tired, and sore and tired, and anxious and tired...

so yeah... moody and tired over here as well.... blah...

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Oh yeah, I'm moody as heck. I woke up this morning so irritated and with no patience what so ever. I feel horrible that it's Valentine's Day and I should have been lovey with DD, but all I could do was be so irritated with everything. I just can't seem to get out of this funk. Hope it doesn't last.

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I haven't been feeling well at all today so I am being a super B! Totally cranky and stressed out and the more stressed the harder my BH hit me and it's driving me crazy. Yep, that's me.

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I am definately moody. Yesterday was really bad, I was soo tired and crabby. Luckily DH was awesome and I it a good sleep last night. It is worse this time around, but then again I now have 2 little ones at home. I am counting down to birth.

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Oh mine is horrible...I am very moody, but I think it is due to the fact that I am in pain and so uncomfortable.

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My answer depends on what day/time of day you ask... lol

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I'm just weepy. I cry at the drop of a hat. I think most of it is the complications that are stacking up.

I am ready to be emotionally stable again someday.

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moody but could be the week.....ds has had two days of attitude dh is not helping by picking up lego that was half price in front of him. Ok great fine you wanted to buy this type of lego and it's a great price and i know he's not getting it now but still today was just not to the day to let him see you buying presents. (I told him it wasn't for him but ds replied that it's for when he's good ugh)

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Horrible here too. Three big student projects at work are all converging in my third trimester, the 6th graders are driving me insane, we're trying to potty train DD, DH is thinking of quitting his job, while I'm starting to look for a new job too, and there's nobody I can talk to.