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Has anyone had an Amniocentesis done, I was diagnosed with Hydramnios, on yesterday when I went for my ultrasound with the Maternal Fetal Specialist. Basically, Twin B has alot of fluid in the sac and since I passed my GD test he believes that the baby is not swallowing the fluid as she should. I knew something was wrong because I am often out of breath regardless of what I may be doing also my stomach has blown up severely over the past two weeks. Therefore I have been very miserable. He advised that the only option to help with my discomfort is to perform an Amniocentesis. I have heard of this procedure and even did some research on yesterday however, I am really nervous. I am trying to see if anyone has had it done and get some feedback or advice.

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I've never had it done, and I'm sorry you're going through that. I would be nervous too (although I get nervous about a lot of pregnancy related things that doesn't involve drawing blood ha).

I hope someone has an answer for you and try not to worry too much! I'm sure your doctors know what they're doing! (hugs)

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I have no experience, but I will definitely keep you all in my thoughts & prayers!

Based on research regarding the quad-screen & amniocentesis risks, I know it can be very therapeutic if truly needed, but I would only do it in cases like yours.. if the doctor says benefits outweigh likelihood of risks. I have known a few people that have had an amnio, but never directly known anyone to have complications from it.

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My SIL had one at 37 wks and everything went well. Also at that time if it induced labour she would be able to deliver the baby normally with little risks.

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Thanks ladies for your thoughts, prayers, and advice.

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My step sister had one with her second pregnancy, my nephew had a double cleft lip and palate. She didn't have any complications but said it was the worst feeling ever.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

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no real advice to give.. just wanted to send hugs!!

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no sorry just wanted to give hugs too :bigarmhug:

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Thanks ladies for the thoughts and hugs.