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So my MW wants me to have my US before I go in on the 3rd which is great but she wants me to use Flagler Imaging and I am now absolutely opposed to going there.

They were having trouble fitting me in a few weeks ago when I called originally, now I have been trying to call all day and GRRRRRR --- I got accidentally transferred to the wrong desk twice, then when I got the right desk they put me on hold for 45 MINUTES --

During these 45 minutes I had to listen to their stupid audio infomercial about how fantastic they are, how they pride themselves in their excellence and top quality customer service, how they have been featured in "whatever" magazines and so on.

Finally the message sent me to over-ring (which rings into the office after a person has waited "TOO LONG" on the phone) and they actually picked up and sent me RIGHT BACK to the stupid hold audio infomercial.

At this point I absolutely refuse to use these people and I am just SUPER annoyed. Enraged even! Gotta love those pregnancy hormones, they make me a lot less tolerant. I guess I will see if I can find someone close to home that will fit me in before the 3rd.

All I need is a stupid US, not brain surgery! Sorry for the rant, no one is here to listen to me complain LOL

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That's horrible! I would be furious if I was put on hold that long. You have every right to be mad and annoyed!

Hope you find one close to home that can fit you in before the 3rd!

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Forget being pregnant! I would be beyoned p!ssed if that happened to me when NOT pregnant! That is insane and there has got to be someone you can file a very serious complaint with. I would make absolutely certain that they know exactly why you refuse to use them and that you will be sure to spread the word that their 'excellent customer service' motto is BS!!

You have every right to be mad and I hope you find someone else! Has your midwife recommended anyone besides them?

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You have every reason to be annoyed. What pour Customer Service!!! I hope you find a different place to get a U/S done before your appt Smile

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That is a crazy long time to be on hold. I wouldn't have even lasted that long. Totally take your business elsewhere!

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Hahahaha well I am glad it's not just the pregnancy hormones. I have been over-reacting to everything so I'm constantly questioning weather I'm being rational or just totally nuts!

If I can't find anyone on my own I guess I will be calling her for suggestions. In the meantime I'll keep searching. Thanks for the support! DH is at school all day today so I can't call him to whine.

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After 45 minutes on hold there wouldn't be pregnancy hormones here, there would be pregnancy RAGE Smile

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For me, 10 minutes without a person picking up is excessive. That shows poor planning on their part, which is an OBVIOUS breech in their focus on customer service. I have a patience issue, especially when pregnant, for customer "service."

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ugh very annoying even non-pg.
Is there a reason for specifically going there? GL finding a place