I am Thankful for this Group

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I am Thankful for this Group

I wanted to say how lucky I feel to have this group, even if we're not as active anymore. I'm part of a group on FB and man today there was a huge blow up and so much drama and people getting all offended because not everyone shares the same opinion and others took it too far and saying a lot of these "crunchy moms" get their info from dr google (they don't, they're LLL leaders and some were doulas and what not) and a bunch of other stuff that I have no idea what happened lol. All within the hour I had to get my daughter lol.

I am so glad we're drama free and I feel so happy to be able to come here and not feel like I'm gonna be judged. Smile

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I too love this board. I wish we were more active, but hey, we've got a few regulars! This whole site is great, IMO. The forums are filled with great ladies who are all willing to be friends and supportive of one another despite vastly different viewpoints. Of course, if you like debating, there's always the debate board!! Smile I'm a total addict to this site!

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Yeah... Message board drama sucks! We're quiet here, but were nice!

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agree (even if I'm only a once a week poster.....eek sorry ladies)

my old board had a few that were quite full of drama it was insane. Now a bunch of us are on a fb group. I think 99% of the time it's drama free only once have I see a big difference of opinion.

Awesome group here Smile