I fell!

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I fell!

I had a feeling I'd take a tumble this pregnancy, but I really assumed it would be snow or ice related.

Last night I went to pick DS up at daycare, and he was upstairs. I got over the gate to get him just fine, but when I came back down, I cleared with one leg, but my weight shifted too much for me to get the other foot over and I went tumbling down, gate and all. Sad

I'm not exactly graceful to begin with, but move my center of gravity and it spells disaster.

Baby has been kicking all over the place today, so everything seems ok, but man that was a little scary.

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I fall up the stairs all the time. I'm pretty clumsy. DH is always having to ask if I'm okay when he hears a loud THUD on the stairs.

I'm glad you're okay! And that your LO is okay!

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Eek! That is pretty scary. When pregnant with my daughter, I was making a mad dash in the pouring rain to my car one night and my feet skidded out from under me. I was able to sort of catch myself (enough to keep from landing on my butt, anyway) but landed HARD on both knees. It shook me up a bit, but fortunately my only wounds were a hole in my jeans and a scrape on one knee. I know the baby is well protected in there, but I do know of one person who actually lost her precious daughter from a fall just a few weeks shy of her due date. Sad Ugh.... can't even imagine.

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Sad That is so scary! I tend to fall a lot too. With my first, I fell while walking in my front door, after a failed induction at 38.5 weeks. I was so jittery for hours after... but everything was fine.

((((MC mentioned)))) My last pregnancy in 2008 ended in the first trimester because I fell down carpeted stairs VERY hard, and hit my rear on probably 3-4 stairs. Thankfully the risks are WAY lower at this stage, but I am still nervous around stairs.

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It is scary... it is a big relief to feel movement! A few weeks ago one of my little ones jumped on my stomach and it was terrifying...


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Ouchy! My biggest fear is slipping and falling on ice this winter.

Glad you and the babe are doing well!

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"jhj" wrote:

It is scary... it is a big relief to feel movement! A few weeks ago one of my little ones jumped on my stomach and it was terrifying...


My kids do this A LOT!

At work the other day one of the students kicked my stomach. Thankfully it was the same day as my u/s so I was able to see baby boy and know he's ok.

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Glad you are ok. No fun falling at all, esp. when trying to clear the baby gate. I do that all the time, while holding my LO, and know I need to stop doing that and just open the gate like normal.

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Aww I'm glad you're okay! I had a fall the other day & now I ended up with a sore butt on top of sore hips =/ Quite interesting walking though. I'm very clumsy, so I try to be careful but with the slippery weather added into the picture, it is very hard to accomplish.

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I'm sorry you fell, stuff like that is scary! I'm glad your LO seems to be fine! I am not looking forward to the icy weather this winter!

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So sorry you fell but glad everything seems okay. I agree, very scary!

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how scary, glad you and baby are ok...time to move the gate rather than hopping it Smile

I toppled onto my butt the other day but luckily it was just I was grouched down moving toys and lost balance. I'm terrified of this winter though Sad I walk 2km to and from work and parts are quite slippery, I fell last year and slipped many more times