I got the job!! *Update*

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I got the job!! *Update*

I appreciate everyone's advice on the other thread.

On a gut feeling, I decided to go ahead and tell them that I am pregnant during the interview. It was a panel of about 5 women and they seemed like such a great team that I just spilled the beans. I got a call today, and THEY OFFERED ME THE JOB. Pending a criminal background check of course (I'm not worried about it though b/c I worked as a juvenile probation officer before and they did more checks into my history than I knew were possible lol). It should take 1-2 weeks for that to come back, which is perfect b/c I can hopefully get childcare arranged during that time.

It's going to be a big adjustment for our family. I haven't worked a full-time job since before DD was born (almost 3 years ago). But it will be a nice addition to our income. I do have one more doula birth that I have committed to already and she said that wouldn't be a problem at all. My mommy is due October 9th, so not long at all.

It is a government contracted job with the military housing office on post. They offer full benefits that I don't really need b/c we have full medical with DH's military service... SO the cool thing is that if you don't use the medical, they transfer it to a childcare credit!! I'm going to have to double-check but I'm pretty sure she said it is equal to about $300 a month :eek:

So yeah, thanks for reading!! I'm really excited. I was afraid I would be sad to leave DD and DS in childcare, but they are such precocious and social babies that I am kindof excited for them to go to "school".

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Yay! Congrats on the job!

I knew a lady who worked in housing while she was pregnant. She was really nice. Her husband was a Corps man and he was nice too.

The only thing that sucked was when she was 7 months pregnant she was walking around the housing trying to get people to resign their leases who needed to. Oh and it was like 100+ degrees out. Ha ha, but she was a good sport about it.

I don't think she went back to work there after their baby was born because I haven't seen or talked to her.

Anyway glad you got the job!

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Congratulations! Smile

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Congrats on the job!!

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Yay! Congrats on the job!

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Congratulations!! I am glad to hear that you were honest with them and still got the job.

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Congratulations on getting the job!!!!

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That's great--congrats! I love that you were honest and you still got the job! If I were doing an interview, I would really appreciate that.

OT: I hired a girl last year who interviewed in the fall. When she started, she was already 20 weeks pregnant. Since I'm a mom, I advocated to get her 12 weeks of leave, even though she had only been working for 3-4 months. And she quit the day after she returned from leave. Even though I'm a mom, and can totally understand where she's coming from, I was a little irked because I had been busting my back to keep the department working through those months of maternity leave. Oh well...I can't blame her!

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I'm glad you got five women that don't hate mom's! I've worked in HR for a very long time, pregnant new hires were a big no-no despite the fact that it's illegal. You are very LUCKY!