I just give excitement everywhere I go!

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I just give excitement everywhere I go!

So I had a dentist appt today at 4:30 and they called to see if I could go in early. I went in at 4:15 and they started the numbing process to get my cavities filled around 4:30 (I had to read and sign paperwork blah blah). Well as the guy is giving the shots in my mouth I start to find it hard to breath. I mean I am 20+ weeks pregnant and lying on my back for a while has been hard lately. Anyway so I start to struggle to breath and they ask if I'm okay so I say I need to sit up.

The room suddenly got really hot and I can feel my mouth water. I tell them I'm going to throw up and rush out of the room only to stumble and they catch me before I hit the ground. I'm sweating by this time and lying on the tile in front of the bathroom. So after everything comes back into focus and I can hear again (when they laid me down I suddenly couldn't hear very well!), I got up and threw up twice. Fun!

I felt a lot better after cooling down and went back to finish getting my teeth fixed. So they do the top and move on to the bottom and then I start getting real hot again. I was like are you freaking kidding me? This time I was sitting up a little too! Anyway so I do the whole process over and throw up another two times. Gah.

Finally after again cooling down I go and sit in the chair to get finished up. This time they didn't even lay me down. They kept asking how I was, if I was okay, and if I was sure I didn't want to reschedule the last thing they needed to do. Ha I told them yes please finish. Ha ha. They were like "Wow that made my day exciting!" lol.

So now half my mouth is numb and I'm hungry but can't eat yet. But hey at least I was able to bring excitement somewhere! Ha ha!

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Oh my gosh! That's crazy!! Definitely far more eventful than any normal dentist's appointment, I'm sure! Glad you were able to finish everything. How strange!

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Ahhh, not a fun time at the dentist! At least you kept them on their toes.
Were you feeling better after?
I'm glad they were able to get it all done too so you didn't have to go back for round 2.

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Yeah I've been feeling better since I was able to cool down and they sat me straight up after the second time I ran to the bathroom ha ha.

However, I might have to call them tomorrow because my tooth is KILLING me! Gah. I was eating something cold and it touched my tooth and I cried out in pain. And it still hurts. Ugh I don't want to go back! Hopefully in the morning it'll feel better but I kinda doubt it.


They did call me later to see if I made it home and how I was feeling. They said part of it might have been from the anesthetic. Hopefully everything is better tomorrow!

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Doesn't sound like a good time at the dentist. I hope that the sensitivity goes away and you don't have to go back.

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What an exciting time at the dentist!

On a side note, I totally misread the name of this post, and was thinking to myself "What??!". LOL "I just give excrement everywhere I go!" :eek: would have been a whole different story. Apparently I'm thinking too much about potty training.

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YUCK! Does not sound like the type of excitement that makes a day great, that's for sure! Dentist appointments for me are usually somewhat dramatic too. There have been a few times that I nearly hyperventilated AND climbed out of the seat, just while being given a Novocaine injection.. in my defense, it was straight up the front, toward the nose which is where TONS of nerve endings are. Either way... I really hope you don't have to go back soon! Sounds miserable!

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Well I had a cavity filled like a week ago and did fine and then had a cleaning last week and was fine. I just have no idea what happened yesterday!

However, unfortunately I was unable to sleep last night because my tooth was throbbing so I took Tylenol and finally got to bed around 1 AM. But today it's super sensitive to anything I eat or drink so guess who gets to go back today! They will probably all be so excited to see my return.

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I feel like a horrible person that I am actually sitting here LMAO because that should be a scene in a movie! Glad your cavities are filled! Sorry to hear about the puking.

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Lol you're not a horrible person. All I could think was "Are you freaking kidding me?!" when it happened.

I had to go back today because my tooth is real sensitive and they said to give it THREE weeks and if it's still bothering me they have to redo the filling! Gah! Anytime I eat or drink or get too my air on that side where the tooth is it feels like an exposed nerve. And the cavity is near the front so it happens a lot. (sigh)

However, when I went back today several people who work there were laughing lol. They also repeatedly asked me if I was okay ha ha. They even made notes of it for my file lol. I must be one of those special patients!!!