I might be going crazy (kinda gross)

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I might be going crazy (kinda gross)

Ok, I asked the members of August 08 first to make sure I"m not completely crazy. Does anyone else think they smell??? I honestly don't remember this with the other two but with this baby, by the end of the day I can smell myself. I shower every morning, I wear clean clothes, I practice good hygiene but I stink. I don't know if others can smell me too or if I can only smell myself but it's driving me crazy!

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Lol sometimes I think I smell. DH teases me about it. I found though that when I changed my deodorant that I can still smell that at the end of the day and it made me feel better.

I bought Suave Tropical Island (or something like that name) and I think it smells pretty good lol.

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I've been having this issue for months now! Not all the time, but just sometimes I feel like everyone can smell me! My DH was the one that thought I was crazy though!

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Same here. DH says he can't tell a difference, and starts talking about how pheromones are a good thing. LOL I don't care, I can smell something, and it sure isn't flowers!

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I remember being like that with my first pregnancy. I felt like I had some body oder that I just couldn't kick. DH told me he could never smell it but it drove me insane and I was sure everyone around me could smell it. I wonder if its a hormone thing?

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Maybe it is just another side effect of having super human smelling! I can smell anything anywhere which is not normal for me except when I'm pregnant. Instead of actually smelling different, maybe it is just better sense of smell??


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Well, our sense of smell is better, but usually during pregnancy the body does a better job of detox, not to mention, we usually try to be more careful with diet, which helps detoxify and we do that through sweat/glands so it make perfect sense lol you are not crazy

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This was me with my first, drove me CRAZY! I have large boobs to start and they only got bigger. i put deoderant EVERY.WHERE. That seemed to be the only thing that helped. I used Mitchum which i actually still use. I dont think it's as bad with this one but i am not pregnant in the summer like i was with my first.

And don't worry, everyone thought i was nuts too.