I miss clothes :(

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I miss clothes :(

I keep looking at catalogs and sighing over all the things I can't wear this winter! Life is so hard. Blum 3 Anyone else?

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We just got a Marshall's in our town. I can't even go in there to look right now because it's pointless! *sigh*

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My biggest problem right now is being sad about all the cute coats that I would LOVE to have... but nothing for a preggo is under $75. ugh

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I'm just frustrated with the in between stage still. My pants finally just don't fit anymore when I sit. But mat. tops are still way too big and 1/2 my regular tops are getting too snug to be flattering. I still look like I ate too big of a lunch. My winter wardrobe is killing me.

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I'm not looking forward to needing big coats to keep warm. It makes driving cars uncomfortable. I'll probably end up just running the car to warm it up and toting my coat on my arm.

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I know, I am going on a girls shopping weekend this weekend but I can't really buy anything for myself :(. Oh well, it will save me some money. I am not looking forward to having to wear DH's jackets, but I refuse to buy a jacket I can only wear for one winter.

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Oh I know! I'm not buying a maternity coat either, what a waste of money. Maybe I would if I lived in New England, but I'm in Virginia. I plan to wear my (maternity) fleece jacket layered under my unbuttoned coat on really cold days.