I need to whine

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I need to whine

My computer got the blue screen of death and I can't get on to save my pictures from the last month. I've been using my husband's computer all day trying to recover pics from my camera because just the other day I deleted them. I did get a few of them though. UGH! It's only like 20-30 pictures but still...they're pictures of my babies. Sad

I have one more trick I'm going to try tomorrow...I read about putting the hard drive in the freezer for a few hours and it should give you enough time to get it to run and back up some files. Here's to hoping it works!!!

also I had to fix the washer earlier this week because it decided it needed to leak all over. The pump has a hole in it so I hot glued it LOL. And it's been working fine since, but I just feel like everything is breaking.

And poor DH is being run into the ground at work and Monday he will be in the field for 10 days so that sucks worse. And the cherry on it all is I went to pick up a kid pool that had a slide and everything that this lady was holding for me and she had to run somewhere so she left it in her driveway near her garage and not 10 minutes later someone had taken it. She was furious someone did that because of where it was left, but I told her it wasn't her fault. (sigh) I'm just glad tomorrow is the weekend.

And I better be able to rent Hunger Games this weekend because I've been dying to see it and I just want something to go right lol.

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Hunger Games is great. I hope you get to watch it!

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That sucks! I hope things get better.

I just bought the Hunger Games, looking forward to watching it!

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I stayed up til midnight to reserve it lol. My husband and I watched it already. It was good but of course I liked the book better Smile

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The books are ALWAYS better than the movies!!! But I'm much more of a reader than a movie watcher.... Hope the rest of your week has gone more smoothly!