I want to be a hypocrite!

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I want to be a hypocrite!

With my last pregnancy, I was very pro-natural childbirth, no interventions, etc. And I still am....but temptation is lurking. I play clarinet, and the orchestra I play with is doing Mahler 9 on April 29. And that is a very cool symphony. This might be my only chance to play it. Smile

I'm due April 3rd, or 5th, depending on who you ask. My daughter was over a week late. So if I have a natural childbirth at 41 weeks, that would still give me 11 days before our first rehearsal. Even if I go to 42 weeks, I'll have the baby by April 19, and our first rehearsal is the 23rd.

I'm not worried about the pain of playing afterward, but a little worried about the abdominal muscles and breathing. Plus, what if I pee myself or something gross? So part of me wants to be a hypocrite and induce around 41 weeks, just to play Mahler 9. How hypocritical is it to induce just to make sure you get to play a symphony? Lol

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I have never been allowed to go into Labor on my own Sad

Maybe you will get lucky and he/she will decide to come out a week or 2 early Smile

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It means a lot to you, so I think it's natural for you to contemplate doing that. I can't claim to know you well yet, but I have a feeling that you won't end up doing that. In any case, we still have a while before April, and who knows, this baby may decide to be an early bird and come right at 40 weeks! Biggrin I think it's fine to consider it, and if you have an OB, I know a lot (perhaps most) don't like to let women go past 41 weeks before they start really pushing induction. I do think that you shouldn't make any decisions (not that you are anyway) until that bridge is in front of you.

What a great opportunity though! And if you do go to 42 weeks, just wear thick pads:cool:

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Or Depends just for insurance!!! Mahler is awesome.. I can totally understand wanting to play!


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41 weeks? I think 41 weeks by itself can be enough of a reason to be sooooo done with pregnancy, but throwing more stuff on there.. It definitely sounds like something for heavy consideration/discussion, if you might AT ALL consider it, especially considering that as it gets closer, you might waiver in your decision.

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I think great to consider all your options...with this much time you can even start really researching if any "natural" things help, hopefully you won't have to make a decision and everything will start on it's own but at least with this much time you can take the time to learn all your options so you're not faced with a last min decision

How cool to play Smile

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My doctor won't do elective inductions, and he won't even induce just because you are 42 weeks. At that point he does NST and monitors you closely unless there is a medical need for induction. So that's not even anything I can consider. I do think the majority of women think about these things at some point. That being said, if you induce an unfavorable cervix, your chances of c/s will increase. If you have a c/s, then there is NO WAY you will be able to play Mahler 9 so soon after birth (in my own experience anyways).

Here's some good info from Henci Goer (you probably already know this stuff Wink but in case other mamas are reading the thread):

The ideal candidate for elective induction is a woman who has given birth vaginally before, whose cervix is ready for labor, and who has begun to dilate. This, of course, is also a woman who will almost certainly shortly go into labor on her own. In descending order of probability of success would be a woman with a prior vaginal birth or births whose cervix wasn’t quite ready for labor, a first-time mother whose cervix was ready to go, and a first-time mother with a long, firm, closed cervix. A woman in the last category has truly dismal chances for vaginal birth; as many as half of these labors will end in cesarean section. Perversely, though, if a woman’s doctor has a high cesarean rate, inducing or awaiting spontaneous labor may not matter. It will make no or only a small difference to her chance of cesarean.


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It's totally understandable that you'd want to induce at 41 weeks. (With or WITHOUT the concert!!) If it really does come down to that point, I think your gut instinct will tell you what to do. You'll know what matters more to you. But here's hoping this LO is ripe for the picking at 40 weeks on the dot! Smile

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Fingers crossed that your LO comes right on time so you can still play. Hey, depends are pretty awesome so I'd go that route if your worried about accidents soon after birth. You probably won't be winded compared to how you felt 1-2 months prior anyway since your lungs will have so much more room after baby arrives.

Personally I wouldn't induce but I'd totally still play!

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As a fellow musician and clarinet player.. I can totally feel where you are coming from!

I hope the baby comes sooner rather than later and you'll still get to play Biggrin

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I hope it comes on time for you. With my sisters 1st, she went into labour naturally 3 weeks early. My moms says it is because she was so determined to go with the family on a trip to BC that her body just followed. The trip was 3 weeks after she was due. So her DS was 6 weeks and could travel but if she was on time he would have been 3 wks and too young. her next 3 came all over the map. 10 days late, 1 wk early and then 1 wk late.

So maybe your body will follow your lead and you can do the concert.