I'll join here too. :)

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I'll join here too. :)

Hello! I thought I'd jump in here a little bit.

I'm in kind of a weird spot where we are unsure of an EDD. I have PCOS and we were getting ready to cycle with Clomid again in August. I had a blood draw on CD 21 that showed that I did not ovulate, then BFNs on CD 28 and CD 32, and took Provera days 32-41 to get going on another cycle so we could try with Clomid. 2 weeks after taking the Provera AF still hadn't shown up so they asked me to take a preg. test and come in for lab work to make sure everything was okay before having me take another 10 days of Provera.

Both the HPT and blood test were positive. :eek:

I had an ultrasound today and they determined that I'm between 5 weeks/0 days and 6 weeks/6 days. The tech was pretty sure she saw a flicker of a heartbeat, but wasn't able to capture a shot of it. If we go with 5 weeks 5 days then my EDD is April 29th, so I'm going with that for now. Even if the EDD gets pushed into early May I'll likely end up in April anyway because I will have a c/s.

I'll have another ultrasound in a few weeks to get a better idea of the date, and we'll adjust it then.

Looking forward to getting to know you. Smile

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Congrats on #3!

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Congratulations and Welcome!

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Congrats and welcome!

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Congrats, someone in the same boat as i am Smile I started out not knowing how far along i was as well due to PCOS!! Welcome to the board and hh9m

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Welcome to the board!

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Very exciting! Sounds like your efforts have paid off!!

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Cool!! Congrats!!

Reminds me a little of what happened with my first. With DD, I also did clomid. I did the round just how they told me to, and CD 25 came and I went in to see if I had ovulated. Well the tests showed that I hadn't so my OB told me to go ahead and start the Provera. I asked, so what happens if I ovulated later today? He told me that if I hadn't ovulated by then, it wasn't likely to happen and just to start my cycle over again. Well, on a gut feeling I never started the Provera. Sure enough (I was temping as well), my temps spiked and didn't come down. I think I was like 11 DPO (which I think O occured CD 25-26) when I got my BFP!!

It's pretty neat when it happens unexpectedly and you think that you missed out on a cycle Biggrin

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Congratulations & welcome! Smile

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Welcome to April!!

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Congrats and Welcome!