I'm done!!!

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I'm done!!!

So I'm 14 days away from meeting baby girl.

My C Section is scheduled for April 2nd. I'm still working and I'm so tired!!! My last scheduled work day is 3/30 and even though it's not that far away...it feels like forever. My feet are starting to swell a little. My lower back and butt hurt like crazy. I can't eat very much cause nothing fits. I'm just so so tired. I have my doc appt tomorrow and I'm tempted to have him take me out of work. But he's the type of doc that doesn't just say...ok we'll just say this is going on. So I'm not sure if the reasons I'm giving are good enough.

Ugh...so that's my gripe for the day!

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Wow that's awesome that you're working that long! And yay for getting a date! It's not too far away! Just TWO WEEKS! I can't wait to start seeing all these April babies being born!!!

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Those sound like good reasons to me!! Hope your Dr let's you go off. 2 weeks! Not long now! You can do it!

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Hey, its worth a try to see if he'll write you a note to get off early. Otherwise only 10 more days for work, yay! How exciting to be meeting your LO soon.

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yay for cs date
no harm in mentioning everything to your dr tomorrow, sorry you're having so many problems Sad
kup tomorrow

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keeping my fingers & toes crossed that some combination of your *reasons* gets you out of work a little earlier! Wink With my first DD, I worked in a phone call center, and even that just felt unbearable, and I wanted to be anywhere but there... anything I could do to be prepping for baby.. Hope all the symptoms calm down either way, though!