Im going to be an aunt!

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Im going to be an aunt!

My 19 year old brother just announced that he and his girlfriend are expecting in September! Not a planned pregnancy but a welcome one none the less. It seems very strange to be going from us having the first grandchild in our family to adding another soon! I'm very happy for them and just hope that they will be able raise a family on my brothers income. Wow! I'm just in shock right now! My poor mom is probably feeling old! Lol

..just talked to my mom, she's surprised but happy and now gets to tell our stepdad! Lol

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Wow! I'm glad it's welcome news despite being unexpected. Sometimes I think that's a very young age to be having babies, but since I now have one of my own, I feel like wish I had the energy I did at 19! I'd be able to keep up with her so much better!

I wish them the best! Congrats on becoming and aunt!

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Yes definitely young, although I'm only 23 ( well in May I will be) but I am married and DH is 9 years older than me so it's a little different situation, but yeah, I guess it would be easier to keep up with a kid lol.

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Congratulations! It's nice that everyone is happy with the news, in spite of the young age. How exciting for you all!

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Congrats! That's very exciting and the cousins will be close in age and you two can help each other out during different stages of their lives! Glad the news was very welcomed!

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Thanks Katie! Yeah it's exciting to know the cousins will be close in age! I never had a cousin close to my age.

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Congrats to them! That will be nice for your LO to have a cousin close in age. I'm glad it is welcomed news. I totally wish I had my 19 year old energy back at 33, gosh that would be so nice.

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Congrats on the impending Aunthood! Cousins close in age are great!

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I'll ditto the desire for 19-year old energy! I knew I wanted to be done having children by the time I'm 30, because keeping up with little ones is a big deal to me. I have always LOVED having cousins close in age, too!

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Congrats to your family! I wish we had other kids in our family, but my babies are the only ones.