I'm Home! My birth story and Hospital stay!

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I'm Home! My birth story and Hospital stay!

Desmond is asleep and the girls finally have sort of calmed down. DH is about to go out to the store to get a few things for me and Des and so I am going to write my birth story, while it's still fresh in my mind!!!

The 22nd at around 7:37 PM I began having those regular contractions again...every 2-4 minutes. It was weird though because they would last 2-4 minutes and then after about 40 minutes of it happening they would stop for about 10 minutes, I'd have a BM, and then about 10 minutes after my BM they would start up again...slowly...about ever 5-7 minutes and then back to 2 minutes. This lasted until about 11:30 when DH finally told me he was taking me to L&D. So we woke the girls up and he dropped me off to see if they were going to discharge me. I got there (making sure I walked ha ha) and they took me into a room to monitor me and check me. I was 4 cm 75% effaced. They asked the dr and she wanted me to make sure I was progressing so they didn't admit me yet...instead I got to walk the hallway...which really sucked because the pain was going to my legs making it really hard to walk.

I was walking and I could feel them getting slightly stronger but I kept going just to make sure and hope I was progressing. That's when another lady came in who had only been having contractions about 5 minutes apart for 40 minutes...they said she was huffing and puffing and saying how much pain she was in so they immediately admitted her. Lol...I'll admit, I was real irritated that here I was with contractions happening for a while and then this other lady came in and was admitted right away! Turns out she was 5 cm and 100% effaced with the baby at -3 so I didn't mind too much then lol. However, because they admitted her before me, by the time they realized how much pain I was in they didn't have any more rooms left! (They only have SEVEN rooms at L&D on base)

So I told them I didn't care just leave me in the observation room place and they said that was their plan. Well by this time it was 12:45 and they were figuring out who they were going to discharge in the middle of the night (which they usually don't do). While they were doing that, I was calling DH to let him know what was going on and calling my friend to let her know that hey I was in labor so she could come up and her DH would stay with the kids while they slept. About 1:00 AM I texted my family to let them know Des would be born soon. They checked me and I was a 5 and 90% effaced. About this time the contractions started coming real fast and real hard. Turns out Des decided he was going to turn sunny side up while I had been walking and I was now having horrible back labor...

I literally was screaming through contractions and almost in tears. They kept trying to labor on my side to encourage him to turn, but he wasn't having it. While I was waiting for DH to arrive I had 3 different people sit with me to get me through the contractions. I had one guy holding one hand and rubbing it trying to get my mind off it, one lady holding my belly for the contractions, and another holding my other hand, breathing with me and talking with me saying I could do it. I thought my back was going to break...it hurt so bad!

Finally DH arrived with my friend and they held my hand, breathing with me and were trying to make me laugh and talk about stuff to take my mind off it. I kept screaming for an epidural lol. Finally around 1:45 they got a room cleaned up and vacated for me to labor in. They told me that I had to wait because the other lady who had come in after me was getting an epidural first because they took her vitals and everything first (shakes fist!) About 2:00AM or 2:15AM the lady for the epidural came in. DH held my hands and breathed with me while I got it done and about 2:30AM I was feeling relief. I could still feel a lot of pressure down there because he was trying to come out! Turns out I was now an 8 and full effaced and they said if they broke my water he would come. They called for the dr to hurry lol.

It was about 3AM or so when the dr arrived. I lucked out and it was the one I really wanted to deliver my baby. Around 3:10 my bag of water was broken and it was time to push. I got him in out 5-7 minutes they said and he was born at 3:15 AM! DH said he came out facing sideways and with one arm out in front like Superman! Ha ha! Also when he started coming out, amniotic fluid sprayed all over the dr and nurse LOL! They thought it was funny.

He was immediately put on my chest and cleaned up while DH snapped some photos then after a few minutes they took him to be cleaned more. DH took some more pictures while they delivered my placenta and then cleaned me up. I asked and...no rips for me! They were surprised since he came out funny.

About 4:30 DH left with my friend because her DH had to be at work by 6:00 AM and he didn't have his work clothes. So I began to breast feed and he latched immediately and fed for 30 minutes and then about 5 minutes later he fed again for 20 minutes. Then about an hour later he fed again for 15 minutes and then again an hour later for another 15 minutes. Then about 8:30 or so he went to sleep. DH brought the kids up to meet their brother around 9 AM and Des slept through the whole thing. DH rocked him for the time they were there. He left around 9:45 to take DD1 to school.

Des slept literally all day. Well okay I take it back...he woke up for his bath at 11:30 and I couldn't get him to eat for anything. The drs said that's okay, as long as I attempt. DH came back with the kids around 5:30 and again he slept through them being there lol. They didn't stay long because it was close to their bedtime but DH said he'd be back early (around 7 or 8 AM).

Around 7:45 FINALLY Des decided he would eat again lol.

He gets mad because he's real gassy. I have to pat it out of him and finally he will burp or fart and he will calm down and then go back to sleep ha. Other than that, he's a real good eater and sleeper. Although it sucked because I hardly slept during the day and I had been up all night laboring ha ha. So I was running on very little sleep so when they took him for his 24 hour new born screening at 3:15 AM this morning I felt bad at how relieved I was that I would finally get some sleep! And I was out so hard that when he was brought back an hour later I didn't even hear them come in. He was also asleep ha ha. He slept until about 8:30 and that's only because the drs came to check his vitals and everything.

So DH came up around 8:15 with the kids and the pediatrician came in to talk to us about circumcision and advantages and disadvantages. DH read all the hand outs and finally we agreed that it would be DH's call and DH still was for it. So he got to go with Des to be circumcised but he couldn't be in the room while it happened only because they didn't want to risk someone passing out and for sanitary reasons wouldn't be able to assist the person passed out ha ha.

At the Naval Hospital they strap down the legs of the infant to make sure there's not kicking since there's sharp instruments. And then they numb the area with medicine. They wait a little for the medicine to take and then give the baby sugar water to suck on while the procedure is done. Now apparently my kid is special because during the whole procedure he didn't once cry, and instead they said (and DH said too because he could hear them in the room) Des made happy noises. Ha ha, they were all confused about this!

The whole time I was there I only changed one diaper. Turns out, whenever they'd check his vitals he'd poop lol. He had four BMs in the hospital and he peed a few times...most of the time he peed on someone! Lol. He peed on one of the guys when they checked his vitals and then he peed on the pediatrician after the procedure lol.

Shew, I wrote a lot. Overall, I had a pretty good experience. I was a little annoyed that when I asked the nurses something it would take them like 30 minutes to get back to me lol. But other than that, they were all very nice. The sucky part about after giving birth and them pushing on your stomach to make sure it feels okay, because it hurts so much! And I forgot the cramps that occur when you start breastfeeding. But I'm happy!

I also found out that there were 3 babies born within an hour or two of each other. Desmond won lol. And the other lady who was admitted before me kept saying she felt bad for how much pain I was in because they left my door open while I screamed lol. But they said I did real well and better than a lot of people they have come in. Also they said that lady had put up an act when she came in because after she got a room she was fine and talking through everything when she hadn't been before and that when monitoring her contractions they didn't appear to be strong. I guess she wanted to be guaranteed a room? I dunno.

Anyway, so we were discharged around 2:00 PM and it's so nice to be back home and I get to sleep in my bed tonight! I feel a little emotional off and on so I'll need to be on the lookout for postpartum. But I wanted to let everyone know my birth story and experience at the hospital. After I find my USB cord I'll make sure to upload Demond's pictures so share!

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Besides the agony of having to wait for a room and going thru back labor, it sounds like you had an overall good experience! I'm glad to hear you're home and that you and Des are doing good! I can't wait to see pictures! Congratulations again!

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I'm so glad that you had an overall good experience, despite some minor irritations. I'm glad that you are home and everyone is doing well. It's so exciting that we already have 4 of our Sprouts here!!

PS: Don't forget to post your birth story in the Arrivals and Birth Stories sticky thread. Smile

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I'm so happy for you!! Though you had a few bumps, sounds like it was a pretty good birth Smile

Can't wait to see pictures!

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Congratulations! Can't wait to see pics...

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Sounds like it was a pain getting things to work in a timely matter with the hospital (as is to be expected with the military.. ugh), but it sounds like he already has a great sense of humor and love of momma, when he's keeping the messy diapers for everyone else! Smile

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Congrats again!

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Congrats on your baby boy! It sounds like a whirlwind of an experience! Can't wait to see pics!

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Sorry the hospital made you wait and didn't have a room immediately but overall it sounds like you had a pretty awesome birth experience!! Thank you for sharing it with us Smile He is SO CUTE!

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Thanks for sharing your birth story. Sounds like a bit too much excitement there, but glad that overall it went well for you. Congratulations!!