I'm jealous!

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I'm jealous!

Of those of you who have found out Team Blue or Team Pink Biggrin DH has been gone since the middle of October and I wanted to wait until he gets home. He comes back November 23, and I have an appointment the 21st to schedule the big U/s. So with the holidays it will probably still be a bit longer.

EEeeek!! I'm excited to know!!

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Ha ha it's okay, I'm jealous that I haven't found out yet, but I get to find out the 22nd (hopefully baby shows the goods lol).

Maybe they can get you in quick for your big u/s!

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I think it's sweet of you to wait, but you could always go by yourself and then come up with a really cute way to tell him! Biggrin I'm kinda kidding about that. I think nothing compares to actually seeing your little bitty wiggling around on the screen!

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You could always get a DVD Smile

I agree I think it is awesome you are waiting for him.

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I would want to wait too, although that's got to be tough! I'll admit, I've been jealous that so many mommas are finding out so early.

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me too, I won't find out until Dec5th sigh Sad Most clinics here won't do till closer to 20w even though on my form it said 18w-20w6d
That plus being at the end of the month isn't helping me.
Oh well, 3weeks till I find out

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Awww, I think it's super sweet you're waiting for your husband to come back...I think that's a great idea and a lot of patience on your part! Don't fret, soon enough you'll know whether that little bean in there is a boy or girl!

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I think it's awesome you're waiting!! I think your DH will be appreciative of it too Smile

At least you are voluntarily not finding out instead of the silly machine being broken (like my case Wink )

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I find out "officially" on December 9! (At our 13 week ultrasound they said probably boy, but it's not for sure yet.) At the ultrasound center that I go to, they schedule your big ultrasound NO SOONER than 21-22 weeks. Aaaaahhh! But it's coming up soon - 3 weeks from tomorrow! Smile

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I'm losing my resolve with all these revelations. But I'm going to keep trying to hold strong and not find out!

I think it's great you are waiting for DH. He'll appreciate being there with you I'm sure!

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I have to wait till Dec. 7th thats 3 weeks still!! That is sweet tho that you are waiting till your DH gets home. Once we find out we are waiting till Christmas to tell anyone. Well were going to try and wait atleast lol

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That is sweet that you are waiting for Dh to return!
My poor DH is in charge of a big job & crew and can't leave this time for our u/s on Tuesday. We aren't going to find out the gender though so he is a little less bummed than he would have been otherwise.