I'm still here, but loosing hope.

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I'm still here, but loosing hope.

Ugh so I'm still spotting..., well on and off. Today was the worst as it had a rusty red tinge to it but it never became a heavy flow. Now i have nothing. So since Saturday it has been off and on brown/orange/rust colored spotting. I hate this. The dr wants to see me tomorrow if it gets worse but I already have a ultrasound scheduled for Friday and I'm thinking tomorrow will be pointless as there isn't much they can do. My first scan on Saturday showed a 5w6d fetal pole and yolk sack with no heartbeat. I hate this limbo. I am reading too much online, one minute I get hope as I read stories about people bleeding more than I am and having a successful pregnancy, then I read other stories that end in miscarriage. I tried to work today (MRI technologist) and I was so unfocused and running to the bathroom every half an hour cause I though i felt a wet sensation. Blah....

Thanks for letting me vent, and please keep sending me some prayers. I want to stay here and have a healthy baby so bad!

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Hang in there! Hopeful good news will come from the ultrasound.

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Jenny i will be praying for you and hopefully its nothing that a little rest cant cure

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I'm so sorry you're going through this. Lots of T&Ps coming your way. :bigarmhug:

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T&P's heading your way. *hugs* keep us updated.

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Sending you T&Ps. Keep us updated.

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Sending thoughts & prayers

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I just want to point out that the cervix is super duper sensitive early in pregnancy, especially if you have had children before. The blood vessels on the cervix can rupture, causing bleeding that can be anything from spotting to full on flow. It is usually bright orange, but can also be red. It really takes almost nothing to rupture the blood vessels. I did it by sneezing hard once.

I had this problem early in my pregnancy. I did eventually miscarry, but for completely unrelated reasons. The bleeding from early in the pregnancy was not an indicator of a miscarriage.

Spotting can also be an indicator of low progesterone. That is something that is easily fixed.

If you've had your progesterone checked and it was fine, and your bleeding hasn't turned into a heavy flow, I think everything is ok.

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keeping you in my t&p's

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Thank you! Cadence- I am currently on progesterone suppositories and I asked if they can up my dose and my dr said no. So i don't know if that is what is causing it or not? Whatever it is it sucks, and it's making me a paranoid person. I am usually very active and now I'm scared to even go for a walk! Ugh....Friday please hurry up.

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So sorry you are going through this! I hope you get some answers from the doc:bigarmhug: