Infant Loss Mentioned: Car Seats & Grocery Carts

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Infant Loss Mentioned: Car Seats & Grocery Carts

Just read an incredibly sad article and wanted to come post it here as an important reminder to those who are going to be first time moms or who may still have babies using an infant car seat. We've all seen people pushing shopping carts with the infant car seat perched on top in the "seat" portion of the cart. For that matter, so many people do it that it's highly likely some of us on this board have done it as well. Some seats (I think many Graco models, for one) even click onto the seat, making it seem nice and secure. Ya'll.... it's so unsafe. Even the "click on" kind are not secure up there. In this particular circumstance, the cart was pushed over a speed bump in a parking lot, which caused the car seat to slide right off the edge. But there are so many other scenarios that could have the same result, like another shopper bumping your cart with theirs. Anyway, not trying to lecture here.... this story is just weighing heavy on my heart tonight and I truly believe that so many moms (and dads) honestly just have no idea of the risk involved with doing that.

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I see people doing that all the time and it always makes me nervous!. I don't think it's safe either. We are mom's, we are supposed to warn each other of possible safety issues.

This story is so sad Sad

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I put my LO in the grocery cart. And whenever we went over a bump like that, or any kind of uneven surface, we held on to the carseat or removed him. Some of it is we just become too trusting and don't think to have the extra precaution. I can't imagine the pain of this happening. Sadness.

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I always wear my baby in a sling during shopping trips, but I hate all of the people who think they can touch my lo's.

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A great reminder! When I bough my infant seat for DD there is a warning that comes with that says to never put the seat on a shopping cart. I would bet that all infant seat have that statement in the manual, though a lot of people never read it or feel it's safe because you can clip it on the cart with some carseats. I wish I was more outspoken. I always want to tell people how dangerous it is to put babies there!

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Wow, I have to be one of the naive and say I had no clue. We always put DD's car seat on the cart. I was always very careful about keeping it secure and holding onto it when we went over an uneven surface. But now I'm going to have to rethink this with this next baby.

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When I had my first daughter I put her up on that part of the cart and immediately took her down because of how unsafe it looked. Even though it fit perfectly there, I just didn't trust it.

With my second one the only time she was up at the top was if I went shopping with my husband and he held on, and even then that was extremely rare. I always felt it was safer to put her in the cart, even if that meant less room or taking her out once we got in line to check that I got all the groceries.

Once they were old enough to sit up, we put them in the seat.

That's so sad what happened. Thank you for posting this for all of us.

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I was one of the moms that put the baby carrier in the place of the cart where the big kids sit. Then one day I turned too sharp (or something I can't quite remember how it happened) and Lexi, in her carrier went falling. I caught her and she wasn't hurt but from that moment on I NEVER put the kids up there again.

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Wow Megan! Your post gave me chills! How terrifying, and how fortunate that you caught her before she got hurt!! So you can completely vouch for how unsafe that is!