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Anyone else having insomnia? It's sooooo frustrating. I wake up at 2:30-3:30 to go pee, get back in bed, and then ... lie there. For HOURS. Last night/this morning I was up from 3:30 until SIX! I thought I was awake because I was hungry, so last night I took a thermos with milk upstairs with me which definitely helped me to not feel hungry while lying there staring up at the ceiling, but ... it definitely didn't help me fall back asleep. :confused: Anyone have any advice for me?

In other news ... coffee finally tastes good to me again. Wonder why! Blum 3

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I more so just wake up a bunch at night. It sucks. Then when I get time where I could lay and maybe take a nap I can't sleep and I lay there with my eyes closed thinking "this sucks" ha ha. I think part of that is the reason for my headaches.

I've been up since around 5:00 AM this morning (had to take DH to work) and then I dozed a little on the couch with the kids. But last night I was so tired but couldn't sleep! I laid there for who knows how long and then woke up a few times. I think part of it is cuz I get really hot then I can't get comfortable. I hope this ends soon, esp before the baby is here!

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I'm actually kind of the opposite most nights, but I do have night's where I just keep waking up constantly. I've had problems with falling asleep my entire life and it always takes me hours to fall asleep, but a good majority of the time I am so exhausted that I immediately fall asleep and don't wake up until DD does in the morning and then I have to pee SOOOO bad!

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I'm sorry you are having such a hard time sleeping. I'm more on the side on waking up all the time but I can pass out pretty quick. My 2 kids getting up at various times some nights doesn't help much either.

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I don't have insomnia, but I've been having some nightmares that have been waking me up all night. Sad

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I kinda miss being exhausted all the time because back then I slept like a rock! Now I wake up every hour or 2. I fall back to sleep but I'm constantly tossing and turning.