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Invention Idea

Ok I don't know about anyone else but I am HORRIBLE about remembering to take my prenatals. So today at lunch when I was putting one of those little packets of flavoring in my water I thought, "Someone should invent one of these with the prenatal vitamins in it, then I would remember to take them everyday"

SO, if anyone knows a great inventor or someone that works for a drug company you should pass this idea along to them and tell them to hurry!!! Smile

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They have some

I thought they had something like that out when I was pregnant with DS. I had to goggle it to make sure.

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Ha ha the only real reason I remember mine is because before bed I have the girls take vitamins.

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I always remember to take mine as long as I have coffee in the morning. I've been taking them so long that it's automatic for me to take them with my coffee. When I was pg with DD, the coffee would make my m/s worse so I had to cut the coffee out for a while and then it became a chore to remember. I like that idea though.

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Hey Megan - just lurking!

One way I remember to take mine is I buy the prenatal gummies with sugar coating. Its like having a little treat, or two pieces of candy, every night before bed. yum!

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Neat that they really do have those water packets.

I always put my tooth brush on top of the bottle so I remember to take them before bed. I've been taking them so long at this point though that its just habbit.